Tuesday, May 3, 2011

... and then he was two.

After a week of crazy party planning and executing, then a follow up week full of sickness... I am happy to report that finally NO one is sick in our house!
It started last week, Monday night. I was not feeling well but merely thought it was because of our busy, long, and exciting weekend of Tuck's Birthday and Easter. Well, after throwing up in the middle of the night on Monday, I knew I was not just tired! By Tuesday morning I was sick, my mom was sick, our nanny and my sister Jes was sick, and the list kind of went on and on.
By Wednesday Loren had the bug, Thursday it was Greta, and finally late Saturday night... the bug hit Tuck as well!
After countless loads of "pukey" laundry, I can finally say that our house is on the mend. And after two crazy weeks... we are looking forward to a calm, relaxing, sick free week!

With that, I am finally able to document and reflect on the new little two year old boy running around our house! (... well not so much running but puking... but like I said... I think as of this morning that is done!)
I had said last week in his birthday party post that I wanted to document and share a couple more special moments that were solely about Tuck. And so that is what I wanted to do today!

Just like that a whole birthday, birthday party, and an extra week are already gone!
And just like that my boy went from being one...

to two...

Now maybe it is just me or the obvious fact that I am more tuned in to the subtle change... but I swear Tuck is acting older... acting like he's two!

He talks so much and so often lately!
He carries on these mini conversations with his sister that are so cute.
He is so imaginative, vocal and funny with his play.
He calls Walter to the door to see if he has to go potty and then just opens the door and lets him out!
He is so innocently funny with his new found vocabulary... calling a knife a "sharp" and a hammer a "knock!"
Loren would hate that I am saying this... but he loves Justin Beiber & Taylor Swift! (in his defense it's all his sisters doing!)
He will be playing with you and then out of no where pinch your butt and laugh! - must be a boy thing.
Speaking of laughing.... burps, toots, you name it... bodily functions are the funniest thing to this boy!

And while we're on that topic it leaves me a great opportunity to share with you our most recent gross, "oh my gosh" moment!
Just a couple weeks back I heard the kids laughing splashing and making a ruckus in the bathroom. When I turned the corner I saw Tuck standing up over Greta and they were both in hysterics! 
When I asked them what the heck was going on and what was so funny... Greta responded "Tucker just peed on me!!!"
And with that they were both belly laughing again!
(Only a boy would do that and only both of my children would laugh about that! haha!)

It's just in the random but every day things that I see my boy growing, changing, and becoming more of a big boy then my little baby!
Obviously he is the baby of our family so I think I tend to just think of Greta as growing, changing, and getting so big! I mean she did just give up her Nuk, start using the potty, and completely dressing herself.
So as I see her doing all of those things I forget that Tuck is getting big too!
That Tuck is changing and hitting milestones every day!

That just like that, in the blink of an eye, I put my baby to bed...

(all of these pictures were taken Friday night, April 22nd right before we put Tuck to bed)

.... and he woke up two years old.

This boy is beyond special to me and I can't wait to see where another year takes us... takes him!
Before I know it HE will be the one that is giving up his Nuk and using the potty!

Needless to say, every time a birthday rolls around in our house I can't help but get all sentimental.
One thing I know for sure after having kids...
time is a precious and fast thing.

One day that teeny, tiny, sickly, under developed baby, that you could not even hold...
goes from this....

to this....
and it all feels like a blur!

Mr. Tuck,
Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much!
We can't believe you are already two!
We look forward to this next year and all the changes and milestones you are about to embark on!
You are sweet, you are kind, and you are more loved than I will ever be able to show or put into words on this silly ole' blog.

Chat later,


If you're just like me and can't get enough of Tuck...

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