Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy...

.... this girl!

... and this face!

Doesn't it look strangely similar to this face...

(G 14 months old... just about a month shy of Tuck being born)

Earlier this week when she was getting snuggled into bed, right after she told me she loved me to the moon! - Greta said... "Mommy, one day when I am big I will take your car and go to the store to by cheez-its and hot milk so you don't have to!"

In the moment I just smiled and laughed but as I write this I can't help but have an "oh my" moment... because she is so very right. One day and one day not very long from now, my little girl will be driving to the store to buy cheeze-its and milk... and what a strangely sad and happy day that will be!

But for now.... Greta is still my one and only little girl! My favorite girl to be exact!
The girl who loves to hug and kiss me goodnight and play with my hair while she is snuggled up to me watching Tangled.

Man, do I love that girl!

Love, hug, and smother your babes with kisses today!
They are so, so, worth it!

Chat later,


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