Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuck's 2nd Birthday!

Well, my crazy busy weekend of house guests, a birthday, birthday party, and Easter are finally done.
I would have gotten on here to blog about it sooner... but no more than the day after my busy weekend came to an end... did I get sick with some 24 hour bug... and now Loren and Greta have it as well! - boo!

But it is true... over this past weekend Loren and I became the proud parents of a TWO year old little boy!
Our very own, Mr. Tucker Loren Appleberry, left the world of babies and one year olds and dove head first into the world of two year olds! - oh boy!

My babies birthday's are always such a bittersweet day for me!

But lucky enough... the day of Tuck's actual birthday was the day of his party!

So this past Saturday we had a rip roarin' time as we kicked off his party with a 1950's Soda Shop!

If you remember this post you will see the vision in which I wanted to take this party!

Below is actually what happened and came to life....
(I will warn you now... you are about to scroll into picture overload! - the best way to capture a party is with a slide show of pictures!)

 I was definitely inspired by the 1950's robin's egg blue and cherry apple red and so those were the colors that I wanted to feature and take through out the party. But mainly I wanted to capture the real feel of a soda shop!
 So here is the soda station!
Complete with grenadine and cherries to make your own flavored sodas!
 Our kitchen really started to take on that soda shop/diner feel with this great wall decal of old fashion bar stools! And above the bar stools is where I started to add personalization with a tribute board to Tuck! Twelve pictures that document Tuck from in the womb (the first was an ultrasound pic) to his most recent days!
 The decorating didn't just stop in the kitchen! The 50's feel went all through out the house. We had music notes and old cars all around, along with a super fun 1950's big hits CD playing in the background!
 Since this theme was originally designed to fit Tuck... the boy who loves to help me cook... I wanted to give him and all his little friends a real spot to play, cook, take orders, and have a Soda Shop of their own!
 So our porch was turned into the mini version of Tuck's Soda Shop! With a kitchen, cook station, and restaurant style tables to play at!
 Once the party got started and all the kids were decked out in their apron's and 50's cook hats... they set out and did their own made to order personal size pizzas!
 My boy in his element! Cookin', mixin, makin' it, and plain old lovin' it!
 While the kids pizza's were cookin' our soda shop cooks (Loren and his Dad, Loren) got to makin' the adult menu... burgers on the grill and homemade french fries!
 The only way to do burgers and fries is with lots and lots of fixin's! So our spread included things like lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, jalapenos, chili, and cheese! And let me tell you... the chili and cheese on homemade fries was to die for!
 After dinner we moved onto presents! Tuck was so excited to open all of his gifts... along with the help of his big sister! - of course.
 After presents we shifted our soda station to the sundae station!
 Ice cream sundaes with any and all the toppings you could imagine!
 And who could have a party with out cake! So a batch of cake balls was made to go along with every one's sundae's!
 This little boy was lovin' every minute of his party and that big ole' sundae! - you can tell by the hot fudge drool! haha.
 And finally as everyone was leaving, we wanted to make sure they knew how much we appreciated them coming and sharing this wonderful and exciting day with us... so they all got suckers...
 and bags of popcorn for the road!
 And on the way out guests were able to sign our chalkboard wall with something special about Tuck! - just another way to mix theme with personalization!
 At the end of the day... we were one big happy family! - with a brand new TWO YEAR OLD!

From Loren and I, we just wanted to give a big shout out to his parents who were our pit crew!
They helped so much with the prep, set up, and food!
And also a big thanks to everyone who came out that day and helped us celebrate our baby turning two! You never sit in the labor and delivery room and wonder what your life, your baby, and his party will be like in two years... but I'd have to say... things are lookin' good and I am one blessed Momma!
We had so much FUN and hope you all did too!

So there ya' have it!
Those are all the details of the party!
I would say my brainstorming and theme paid off nicely!

This week I hope to blog a little bit more about Tuck and his path to becoming a two year old. And also share a little bit of our Easter pictures with you all!

Hope you're having a great week and dodging this bug that's going around!

Chat later,


Decoration List:
*Red & White Paper Straws, Paper Cook Hats, Popcorn Bags, and Red Cupcake Liners bought from Bake it
*Toddler Size Aprons, Red & White Bunting on soda station table, Red & White Ribbon for balloons, and Old Fashion Suckers bought from Oriental Trading
*Music Notes and all Wall Decals & Scene Setters, ie:cars, bar stools, etc. - bought from Party
*Burger Baskets, Red & Blue Cups, Red Vinyl Table Cloths, and Balloons all bought in store at Party City.
*Robin's Egg Blue Chalkboard, Popcorn Crate, "Make Your Own Soda" Frame, Sundae dishes, Malt Shop Cups, Glass Jars, and Apron all bought or sold by us at the lovely Louise's Basement!

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  1. So cute! Love the creativity! One lucky little boy.


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