Friday, May 20, 2011

A New Adventure - The Front Room!

Hey guys,
So.... Loren and I have been keeping a secret for a little while... or I guess only chatting with our close friends and family about this... but Appleberry's Attic is proud to say that we are joining forces with a second shop!
The Front Room in Blaine is going to be a new shop opening this June and we couldn't be more excited for this adventure!

When we were approached about joining their team I was very hesitant since we are still apart of Louise's Basement! I didn't want to add to much to my plate and start to hate the thing I love most. But with that said, Loren and I chatted for a day or two and came up with a list of pros and cons.... and I gotta tell ya... the pros won!

We love that The Front Room is so close and in our neck of the woods.
We love that the The Front Room is actually inside of O'bella Salon & Spa, meaning it is open all day, every day.
And we love that they sought out Loren and his wood working talent for building custom, big, furniture!

So Loren and I won't be doing all of the things that we do for Louise's Basement.
As of now, at The Front Room you will only be able to find our gorgeous signs, mason jar soap pumps, some chalk boards, a couple pieces of furniture and a whole custom line of furniture made by the one and only... Mr. Appleberry!

In that line of furniture you will find a kitchen table, coffee table, end table, bench, book shelf, and a wall shelf!
And all of the above furniture pieces can be stained and/or painted to fit the space you are looking to fill!

How fun this is going to be!

Here is a sneak peak of the new shelf sitter signs I am whippin' up....

We are pretty maxed out and busy right now as we scurry to get a delivery made for the June sale at Louise's Basement along with filling an entire quota for a new store!

We are pulling lots of late hours just to make sure we get done as much as we can... so, we shall see how it all plays out! - and excuse us friends and family if the house is a mess, there is paint splattered all over us, and the garbage hasn't been taken out! lol

Wish us luck and we really hope you will head up to The Front Room for our Grand Opening on Saturday, June 4th!
There will be prizes, goodies, and lots of great shopping!

But if you are further north and can't make it... 
no worries, come check us out at the June sale up at Louise's Basement the second weekend of June!

Hope you all have a great weekend and if you think of it... say a prayer for us... we are going to need a miracle to get all of this done!

Chat later, 


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