Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy...

...Stealing my babe's Halloween candy...
(Halloween in August up at the Lehman's camper if you are puzzled)
... and opening up a pack of Starbursts to find this....


Oh yeah!
What are the odds right?!

And no... honestly I guess I am not really that happy about stealing my kids candy!
But they don't realllllly need all that sugar and since this Momma is trying to loose a couple pounds (I have a 10 year class reunion coming up this fall! yikes!) I thought having 2 Starbursts on hand when a sweet tooth calls is better then going in the fridge at work and grabbing a donut!

And to think... the Starburst Heaven's opened up on me and rained down TWO glorious red ones!

So even though I am drowning in allergies and snot... these two little red candies satisfied my sweet tooth and made me smile. :)

I really did let out a "Oh yeah!"
... and I even almost fist pumped! Hahaha

Hope you all are havin' a great Tuesday!

Chat later,


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Love Of A Brother & Sister: Morning Playdate Edition.

This morning started just like any other morning around our house...

Tuck came into our room sometime between the hour of 6:00 & 7:00... to snuggle and fall back asleep for a bit.
Alarm went off at 7:30 and I awoke to him screaming he was hungry and needed a granola bar!
8:00-ish... Greta hears all the ruckus Tuck is making and decides to roll out of bed.... hair a mess, half disheveled and usually needing a minute before you can even talk to her... that is until she demands a glass of hot milk!

By 8:30 we are all in full swing!
Breakfast is being had, lunches are being packed, Mom is showering and getting ready.

But this morning the babes imaginations took off!
Greta was "busying" herself in her room playing dress up.
She was dressing up, trying on different attire, looking at herself in her little blue mirror... the whole nine yards.
At some point during Greta's fashion session... I mean dressing up... Tuck wondered into her room. - probably because he was bored, doesn't like to play by himself, and Mom was in the shower not able to hold him.

And somewhere in the process... he got sucked in!
I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and started to hear little tales and conversations about what and where they were going!
First it was on an airplane ride to South Dakota, then in a car (under the kitchen table) to McDonald's with their BFF's and second cousins Brayden & Joanna.

They played so nicely and kindly with one another.
They were sweet and funny with their stories and interactions with each other.

They were a brother and sister playing together!

And let me tell you... as I got ready this morning... it was music to my ears!

Even if my little boy was wearing necklaces and carrying a heart shaped bag! :)

These two may drive me wild at times...
but I sure would be lost with out them!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Chat later,


Friday, August 26, 2011

Days Until...

So... I've been workin' on a new design over here!
Thanks to a friend emailing me a great idea and my love of Pinterest for tweaking it a bit, and this is what we come up with....

The New Appleberry's Attic "(days until)" Sign!

Well... it's not so much a sign as it is a chalkboard I guess!

But seriously... how cute is she?!

The "days until" chalkboard is such a fun piece! 
It is like a never ending count down because you can continually change it out!

For example...

___ days unit School Starts
___ days until Halloween
___ days until Christmas
___ days until the State Fair

Whatever you choose... this is the coolest way to display the excitement leading up to an event in your home!
And like I said... the best part is... after you reach the event, just erase, pick a new fun event, and start over!

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out and can't wait to get them into one of our stores to hear what the feed back is!

What do you gals think?
A fun must have?!

Chat later,


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy Was Missed.

Sorry I haven't been around for about a week!
We were busy filling some custom orders, my work schedule was a bit messed up because gram and gramps were out of town, and finally we were dinkin' around with my broken car!
So, needless to say... I've been busy! - no shock there.

Although I am always on the go and have a hard time sitting still... I don't always like it.

Take last night for example...
Monday nights I work at Tara's and I am not home to say good night to the babes.
I am not there to tuck them in, pray for them, kiss them or rock them.
Most nights it is what it is but last night when I walked into Greta's room at midnight to give her a kiss my heart about melted.

Right next to her, sitting propped up on her bed was her doodle board, with quite the "doodle"....

Greta had told Daddy as he was tucking her in that she missed Mommy.
So to comfort her and help her feel better he quickly drew a picture of me for her to sleep with!

When she crawled into our bed this morning and snuggled into me, the first thing that came out of her sleepy little self was... "Mommy I missed you!"

It was music to my ears.

I have the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world and when I'm away from her... boy do I miss her as well!

And what did you think of that drawing?! LOL
From the not so skinny figure to the big wild hair... I guess it wasn't too far off!

I particularly like how Greta drew herself (floating) off to my right.
And when asked this morning about what that circle was on my tummy.
She said a baby!
I said... a baby?!
And she laughed and said no, that's silly, it's a belly button!
Haha. Smart girl!

I'll stick with the belly button!

Hope you all are having a good week and here's hoping this week is not nearly as chaotic and busy as the last few have been!

Chat later,


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tucker Says...

Normally I do a post from time to time that is called "Greta Says..." but lately my Tuck has been full of words!
He has a little stutter because he gets so excited and has a hard time talking as fast as his brain is working... but if you listen patiently you will find that he is very chatty!

This morning as I was getting him dressed and changing his diaper when I sneezed...

Tuck: "Bless you Mommy!"
Mommy: "Thanks Tuck."

Tuck then starts to rub and pat my shoulder.

Mommy laughing: "What are you doing Tuck?"
Tuck: "Burping you!"

He is so sweet and so innocently funny!

I love that he is talking and acting like such a little person.

If you just give him a minute you will find... he has a lot to say.
However, it's usually about tractors or thunderstorms!

Hope you all are having a great a Wednesday!
I have an unexpected day home with the babes... so we are headed over to Grams to hang out! :)

Chat later,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One of the scariest days of my life!

As many of you know... last week we had a doozy of a week!
You know that saying, "when it rains it pours?!"
Well last week was no exception, we were definitely feeling a little discouraged and under attack.

And it all started with our poor little Tuck falling and having to get his first set of stitches.

You never truly know how you are going to react in the face of danger or an emergency.
You never know if you will be able to hold it together, remain calm and think clearly... or if you will lose it, go into complete hysterics, and almost pass out.
Just so happens I now know what I do in the face of an emergency and I'm sad to say... it was the latter.

That morning, we were at Mom's house swimming and playing in the pool with the Talso's.
Tuck had decided he was going to go jump on the trampoline.
Upon coming out of the trampoline he fell and cracked is head right on the step/brick below.
He immediately let out a scream that had me running towards him!

When I got to him, I picked him up and that is when the whole day changed and will forever be burned into our minds.
When I grabbed him, I flipped him up into my arms... and that is when blood splattered all over my face and chest.
I looked at him and his crying stopped and his eyes locked with mine.
It was a look I can hardly describe.
And with that look I knew this was not going to be good.
Suddenly his head was gushing blood like I had never seen before!
It was like someone took a bowl of blood and poured it down is head!
I can not recall ever seeing so much blood. And so much blood coming out of a little body at that.

I started to cry.
Everything around me started to sound muffled and my whole body felt very warm.

With in seconds my Aunt Joy was by my side calming me down and grabbing Tucker.
We ran upstairs to grab a towel and attempted to stop the bleeding.
Seconds after that, Loren had been called at work and I was in the back seat of Mom's car rushing to the emergency room.

Once we were at the ER they got us back into a room and everything just started to unfold from there.
After putting numbing cream on his head they cleaned it out to assess the damage.
After the doctor saw how deep it was they decided that stitches was the way to go.
The cut was very deep and so Tuck ended up getting stitches on 2 different levels of his head...
the layer right above the skull and then above the fat and tissue he got another layer of stitches.
All in all it was over 20 stitches that that poor little baby had to have.

But I am proud to say... Tuck was a champ!

He was so good the entire time.
Seriously... no joke... he never cried once! Well that was up until they had to give him a tetanus shot.
But while the doctor was stitching him up not one peep.
He would just scrunch his sweet little face up in pain... but never letting out a cry!
He sat still, listened to the doctor, and honestly... did a way better job handling it then I did!

Thank you Jesus that he had no concussion, no skull fracture, and no serious injury... just a lot of stitches!
*Side note... that is why praying over your kids every night is so, so, important!

That whole situation could have been much worse but I am so thankful that a big scare and lots of stitches is all we walked away with.

Of course I didn't have my camera with me at the hospital (nor would I have even been able to use it if I did!)
But here is my sweet little Tuck after a bath to wash away all the blood...

 Showing me his Toy Story stickers that the doctor gave him for being so BIG!

I am happy to report that Tuck is back up and running.
Pretty much back to normal... and by normal I mean running, jumping, playing, and being his carefree not so focused self! lol

And as for me... well I completely botched how I handled my first traumatic ER situation as a mother!
But no one ever tells you how you should react when your child's blood is spilt all over you.
However, I am hoping that now that I have one under my belt I will no longer act like a rookie when an emergency comes my way.

And with that... my son has had his first set of stitches.

Looks like I will be doing a little extra praying every night before his head hits that pillow!

Oh my sweet little Tuck...
how you scared me so.

I hope and pray we never have to go through that again.

Chat later,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greta & Her Shining Personality!

Yesterday morning was a Wednesday and on Wednesday's I always bring the kids to Mom's so she can watch them that day while Loren and I are at work.

Well, like usual we were running a tad late!
So right before I was about to get into the shower I laid out an outfit for Greta to wear.
I then hollered down the hall and said... "Greta, when you are done watching Barney go ahead and come down here quickly to get dressed so we can go to Grandma's house."

No sooner after those words left my mouth this is what went down...
I hear Greta turn off Barney, slam the doors to the t.v., walk all the way down to her room stopping her feet, walk right past me as she shoots me a look, and then slams the door in my face!

And even though slamming the door in your mothers face is probably not totally acceptable... I couldn't help but let out a chuckle! I turned to Loren who was in the Kitchen and said "Ya' think she might not have wanted to get dressed?!"

Funny thing is... after all of that she comes into the bathroom 5 minutes later when I am in the shower to go potty. I peak out the curtain to make sure she is dressed and to my surprise... she has completely made up her own ensemble! 
I said "Greta that is not what Mommy put out for you to wear!" Which she then replies "The khaki shorts were too tight and I don't like them anyway!"

This is what Greta would have worn to Grandma's yesterday had I not forced her (again) to change! LOL

Ohh, my sweet, sassy, independent, and strong willed Greta!

Even though she gives me fits (a lot) the one thing I love about that strong personality is that I know she will be able to take care of herself when she is older!
I will never have to worry about someone picking on her or bullying her and saying something that completely ends her world.
Although she will have emotions and still get hurt... I know that she will never let anyone win.
Never let anyone beat her, never let anyone take advantage of her!
And that my friends is a good feeling!
In that one sense... she's kinda like her Momma. ;)

And as for my sweet little Tuck.
Well, his outfit just says it all...

And after stickin' up for Greta in the church nursery last week when someone took her toy... I think Greta will be just fine!
If Tuck is anything like his Daddy... he won't let a thing happen to the girls in his life that he loves!

I have quite the little pair, you know?!

Happy Thursday Everyone!
My days off never come soon enough!

Chat later,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog Gawking

I just spent, probably the last hour, gawking, stalking... whatever you want to call it.... on these 2 different blogs...

The first one is called Grand Design and it is so great!
She is a regular girl with some great taste!
I love that all of her projects look like something I could tackle and do myself.

Take her beautiful kitchen for example!
I just LOVE this space!
Mismatched chairs at the table, an old ladder hanging for pots and pans, white cabinets.
It's just so homey!

And her two little boy's bedroom is too cute!
I love the tall bead board and really LOVE those old twin bead frames!
Wonder where I could get my hand on something like that?

I'm sure if you check out her blog you will be looking through her posts for quite awhile!

The second is called Becoming Betty and it is a site full of nice and easy recipes!
Most of them are right around the 5 ingredient mark!

Like this easy Homemade Salsa...

Or how fun is this one...
Apple Syrup!

Yum - O!

Go check out this blog too!
I know you will find something delish to make!

Oh... and talking about blogs or other cool places to check out... if you are not on Pinterest yet...
Not sure what it is?... I rambled about it in a previous post.

And last but not least... check out the cool new linky thingy right below every post from now on!
 I was so excited to find this neat little thing.
Now after every post I make it will high light 3 other posts that are similar or that you might like to check out!


Anyways... that's it!

Hope you're having a good week.

Chat later,


(all photo's were taken from the blogs of Becoming Betty and Grand Design.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Delivery to Louise's Basement!

Like usual... the Louise's Basement sale snuck up on me this month... and so over the weekend we ran up to Princeton to drop off our delivery!

Here are some of the goodies I got ready for this month!

Some of you may remember this post where I made a very similar pillow!
Well, while out thrifting I found another and did the same treatment to it... and I love it!
Something about numbers just grabs me lately! Love!

I also whipped up a bunch of gorgeous chalkboards!
Great for back to school and getting you and your family organized and on the same page!

This beauty I almost couldn't part with (actually I wouldn't even be sad if she didn't sell!)
The lines, curves, and details of this chalkboard frame are literally to die for!

Aghh! See?!
Total swoon!

We of course brought some big stuff this month.
A nice hearty Kitchen or Entry Way bench... and not pictured... we have a fun dusky blue dresser, a white shabby chic twin head board, and 2 white night stand/storage things!
Oh... and this adorable black reading lamp...

Besides the big stuff I also wanted to bring up a couple more handmade signs.
I think my stash at Louise's Basement had dwindled down to just about nothin' so to plump it up a bit more, I brought up these cuties...

This sign is probably one of my favorite to date!
I love the saying, I love the subway art feel it has going on, I just love it all!

And these smaller signs and shelf sitters just have some great words to live by and things to remind us of... 

So... whatta' ya' think?!
Hopefully you saw a couple pieces you liked... like I did!

Just as a reminder...
Louise's Basement is open THIS WEEK...
Wednesday - Sunday

You can check out the blog here for some more pictures!
The website here for hours, address, etc.

I will be stopping up there on Saturday so feel free to come on up and say hi!
It should be lovely weather for a nice little drive!
Grab a coffee and a girlfriend and hopefully I'll see ya' there! :)

Chat later,


Monday, August 8, 2011

A Date With Greta!

I didn't have to work this past Saturday at Bennett Cooper so Loren and I decided it was a great morning to take our babes out on a date!

When Loren and I go on a date we always explain to the babes how important it is that Mommy and Daddy go on a date and take time to be together. So why wouldn't it be important that we take our kids out on dates so that they know we value them and our time with them as well?!

So, Saturday morning we split up... Daddy with Tuck and Mommy with Greta... and headed out to make the morning our oyster... or make some memories at least!

From what I heard, the boys went to McDonald's and had one of their big ol' breakfast plates.
Daddy said Tuck was quite talkative with out his big sister there!
After McDonald's the boys went over to Menard's to walk around and check out "man stuff."
They looked at tools and Tuck got to sit on and pretend to drive just about every "tractor" there! (his big fascination is riding lawn mowers or 4 wheelers to which he calls all of them tractors.)

It sounded like my two favorite boys had quite a good time with each other!

Funny Face!!!

While the boys were bein' silly and doin' there thing me and G had a nice relaxing morning!

We started off at Panera with a delicious breakfast...

While eating breakfast I thought it would be fun to ask her some questions.
Like a little interview!
She has such a grown up personality and a big imagination I wanted to capture some of her thoughts for us to look back on.
Here are the questions I asked her...
  1. What's your favorite color? Pink
  2. What's your favorite thing to eat? Donuts
  3. What's your favorite thing to drink? Pop! Or Icee's from Target. *What about hot milk? Oh yeah hot milk too!
  4. What's your favorite song? Mom, you know this... Taylor Swift! *Which one? All of them.
  5. What's your favorite kind of animal? Umm, I like lots of animals. *Do you have a favorite? Elephants, and Walter, and kitties too!
  6. What's your favorite store to go shopping at? Target
  7. What is your favorite toy to play with? All of my little Toy Story toys.
  8. What's your favorite thing to do during the day? Play outside and go to Grammy's pool.
  9. When you get bigger what are you going to do? Get married. *To who? Jack
  10. Are you and Jack going to have any babies? No, but you should have another baby... like Paisley!
  11. You want Mommy to have another baby? Yeah, a little baby girl.
  12. When you get bigger are you going to have any pets like Walter? Yes!
  13. How many pets? Three or twenty seven.
  14. When you get bigger what are you going to do for a job to make money? Paint stuff and ride ponies.
  15. What should Tucker do when he gets bigger? Drive trains.
These answers were so cute and hilarious at times I could hardly keep myself from laughing at her answers!
I love how a child's mind can think sometimes.
How it can be so simple, creative, and innocent.

Well, after our wonderful chat over breakfast we headed over to Ocean Nail and Spa to get ourselves a pedicure!

 Greta was a little nervous at first, which is why she wouldn't look at the camera!
She isn't a huge fan of new things and has a hard time handling herself if she doesn't know what to expect.
But the good thing about Greta is that she eventually adapts and starts to have a good time!
So even though she was very nervous when the lady came over to paint her fingers and toes... she had a good time playing with the remote to her seat and making herself "wiggle" around as she said! lol

Eventually we got a smile and she started to have a good time!

How could you not?!
It was such a nice, calm, relaxing experience.
And look at those cute toes...

Can I just say what a GREAT time I had on my date with Greta!
Getting one on one time with my little girl was priceless!
I can't wait for our next date day when I get to have Tuck all to myself!

Daddy has already said he is not too sure what activity to do with a girl but he would think of something! :)

For those of you that have kids... take them out on a date!
Heck, make dates for everyone in the family a regular and important thing!
Spending some one on one time with the people you love is not only fun but it lets that person know just how important they are to you... and for you... it makes for some great memories to cherish.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
The Appleberry household did for sure! :)

Chat later,


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy...

... giving gifts in pretty packaging!

It's the cute little personalized details that make it so much fun!

My niece, Ms. Paisley Jayne, is being dedicated at our church this evening!
We are so excited to be apart of this special day!

Happy Dedication Day Paisley!
May you grow to know just how big our God is and have a wonderful and close relationship with Him!
We can't wait to watch you grow into the girl He has planned for you to be!
We love you!

Pais with Mommy and Daddy at her Dedication Party!


Now if you'll excuse me... I'm off to wrangle my babes into something nice to wear and freshen' up my face... and probably make my hair a little bigger! lol

Chat later,


Friday, August 5, 2011

Homemade Hand Soap

Good Morning!

Well, I have tried my hand at homemade laundry soap, remember this post, and I like it!
So I thought... why not try my hand at homemade hand soap?!

With our side business and making mason jar soap pumps... we have been asked... "do you guys fill your pumps with homemade soap?" And all though it sounded like a great idea... I always had to reply... "no, we don't."

I thought it was a great idea though!
A homemade mason jar soap pump with homemade soap! It just sounds so cute and like a great idea!
So, my sister (thanks Jes!) set out to find an easy recipe for me to try my hand at. 
And I am proud to say... she did!

Here is a really simple, super easy, and crazy inexpensive recipe to make homemade hand soap!
- Did I sell you guys with that enthusiastic description?!

Here is the post I followed if you want the exacts.

Start out with a gallon of water...

Pour it into a large pot and warm it just till its steaming.
It does not have to be boiling.

While your water is warming, take a 4 oz. bar of soap and grate it...
This is where it gets fun!
You can choose any bar soap you'd like!
I found this wonderful lavender bar soap at my local drug store. It was $1.99 which is not a bad price at all... but with the wonders of couponing I bought tons of them at .69 cents each!
So have fun with your scents!

Anyways, back to grating...

After you are done grating your soap... pour it into your hot steamy pot of water. 
Find a helper and start to stir until all the soap breaks down and mixes with the water.

After stirring... cover your soap and let it sit for 15 minutes.
After the 15 minutes get out your hand blender and blend the soap.
I did it for about 3 - 4 minutes and my end result turned out great!

After blending... cover your soap and set it somewhere where the babes won't dip their toys into it!
Let the soap sit for about 24 hours.

The next morning, this is what you will find....
your soap has thickened and turned to gel!
Grab your hand mixer and blend it again so the water and settled soap can come together.

If you find your soap is a bit to thick or gel like even after you blend it... just add a splash of water.

And there you have it!
Pour your soap back into your gallon jug and save it to fill up a bunch of soap pumps!
Or, if you really want a fancy pump... I might know someone who makes thee most adorable ones! ;)

Seriously... how easy was that?! 
Besides the 24 hour wait it was so simple and all I used was a gallon of water and a bar of soap!

Oh, and did I mention just how heavenly lavender soap smells?! 

Give this one a try... I promise you will like it!

Have a GREAT Friday everyone!

Chat later,


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Encouraging Words

Have any of you women every said to your husband... "Does this make me look fat?!"
Or... "Honey, do you like this new recipe?"

If your husband is anything like my husband then he of course comes back with the most sweetest and encouraging words! - "No, you look amazing!" Or... "This taste great!"

I have always said the people you are closest to (especially your hubby) say those things because... 
here's the key phrase... 
"they have too."

Well just recently I received one of the most kind and encouraging emails I can remember to date!
This woman does not know me very well... obviously she knows of me or she wouldn't be emailing me... but she by no means knows me enough to where she would "have too" say a nice thing at all.

Her email was full of wonderful words and praises of me as a mother, wife, and just a person in general.
She noticed and spoke of things I didn't even know others were noticing.. and let me just say... her noticing those things really tugged at my heart strings.
I think as a wife and mother you all can relate... we go through our day doing our daily tasks, chores, jobs, etc. And we never know if we are doing a good job... we are just doing the best we know how!

But to have someone take notice of you and your parenting... someone who didn't have to say a kind word at all... really made my day.

Like so many of you I am sure... I too, feel like I am always falling short!
That I yell at my kids too often, loose my cool, have no patience, am teaching them no valuable life lessons... or if I am... not enough!

I have always said parenting is the hardest thing I have, and will, EVER do with my life.
And to have someone take notice and say that she thinks I am doing a good job... well that just meant the world to me.
It meant... even on the hardest days I need to remind myself...
"Jen, you can do this!"

So, to the kind, kind soul that wrote me that email... thank you!
Thank you for making a my day and helping a Momma sleep a little better at night... knowing I am not messing my kids up too bad! lol

And let this be a good reminder to all of us... your words have so much power behind them.
Power to uplift or destroy, power to make or brake a situation or spirit.

So if you are with me... lets try and say a few extra kind things this week.
Whether to a stranger or a friend you know...
your words are more powerful than you think! 

Hope you all are having a great week!

Chat later,


Monday, August 1, 2011

Where It All Began... South Dakota!

Over the weekend me and 31 other people from my family headed back to South Dakota for a big ole' Kulesa Family Reunion!

My Grandma, Grandma Jan, was 1 of 10 children born to
John and Sabina Kulesa.

They grew up on the family farm in Grenville, South Dakota.

After marrying my Grandpa, Gary Cooper, Grandma Jan left South Dakota and moved to Minnesota.
They were ready to have a family and start a new chapter in their lives.
And when I say start a family... boy did they!

My Grandpa and Grandma, Gary & Jan... no longer Kulesa but now Cooper, had 4 girls.
Janel, Jacquie, Jill, and Joy.

It is amazing to see how many people and lives can come from just one!
Really! Take a look...

Here is roughly how our family tree looks....

Janel (the 1st of the 4 Cooper girls) married Terry then Wayne and had...
Jennifer, Jessica, Justine, Jolene, and Jacob.
Jennifer married Loren and had... Greta and Tucker.
Jessica married Branden and had... Paisley.

Jacquie (the 2nd of the 4 Cooper girls) married Phil and Duane and had...
Alysha, Courtney, and Miguel.
Alysha married Nick and had... Landon and Addison.

Jill (the 3rd of the 4 Cooper girls) married Dale and had...
Justin, Joshua, Jonathan, and Jackson.

And finally, Joy (the 4th of the 4 Cooper girls) married Bryan and had...
Jocelyn, Joelle, Brayden, and Joanna.

From way out on the farm... John and Sabina Kulesa started the lives of all of us!

It is just amazing that our whole, huge, family are the descendant's of them.

So this past weekend all 32 of us packed our bags, loaded up the cars, and headed back home to the farm...
were it all began...

This is how my family tree started... with these two...
Gary & Jan Cooper...

Grandma with her four girls...
Janel, Jacquie, Jill & Joy...

Are you seeing a color theme here?!
Each child of John & Sabina was assigned a color and then all of that child's descendants were to wear the same color. So Grandma Jan and all of us down to my little Tuck wore orange!

And here we are!
All of these people came from just my Grandma & Grandpa
The Cooper Family...

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

My Mom, Janel, and Step Dad Wayne...

My sister Jes with Branden and Paisley...

Me and my sisters...

It was wonderful to be on the farm and see where I came from!
See where my Mom came from!
See where my Grandma used to live and what her life looked like back then!
It was such a neat experience to have hundreds of people around you and know that you are all related some how.
That you, and them, and them, and them... all came from the same two people...
John and Sabina Kulesa.
You know that saying...
"All because two people fell in love."
Well that was never more apparent to me then this weekend.
Life, Love, and Family are truly an amazing thing!
Chat later,
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