Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things I Know for Sure: Christmas Edition!

Awhile back I did a post titled "Things I Know For Sure."
And in the spirit of Christmas I wanted to take a moment and document the things, right now, at this stage of life or at this time of year that I am thankful for.
Mainly... the things I know for sure!

So, here is a small list of the things I know...

I know...

1. That this time of year, specifically the month of December, is my favorite time of year!

2. That just like life, this time of year goes by way too fast.

3. That baking has always calmed my soul... but Christmas baking... takes it to a whole 'nother level.

4. That I would love a radio station to play Christmas music all year long... just for those July summer days when I need a little smile and a pick me up!

5. That every year I go over board on the present buying or budget.

6. That seeing a birthday cake at Christmas and singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus always makes me smile and helps put this holiday into perspective.

7. That watching my babes open presents gets me just as excited as opening my own!

8. That when just the tree is lit and the rest of the house is dark... that is when I feel most in the Christmas spirit.

9. That "Four Christmas's" is my favorite Christmas movie this year! - Last year it was Elf.

10. That singing "O Holy Night" in a crowd of people at church always gives me goosebumps.

But most importantly, I know that presents, Santa, Christmas carols and cookies are just the mere extra's as to why this holiday is so very important!

This holiday, Christmas, is truly all about Jesus.

And if it wasn't for his birth... these wonderful moments in life would mean nothing.

So here's to this wonderful time of year!
I can't wait for Christmas!!!

Chat later,


Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Newest Addition...

... we are proud to introduce...

~ Gus Dunphy Appleberry ~

He is the newest member to the Appleberry family!
A silver dapple haired dachshund born on August 28th, 2011.

This little guy is just about 4 months old and was in need of a home.

It all started yesterday when we went to see Santa at Northtown Mall!
... and you'd never guess who saw him and fell in love right away...
Yep! It was this guy...

From pretty much first glance... Loren was in love.
He wanted me to come look at him and fall in love with him too!
One of the second or third things out of his mouth was.... "I want him!"
After we left the puppy store to go have lunch before we saw Santa (Santa was on a lunch break so we had to take one too)... Loren kept talking about him.
After we saw Santa, Loren went in for one last look and to his surprise the puppy was gone!
The puppy was over in the corner being looked at by a young girl.
This however did not stop Loren... he walked right over and started watching over the puppy.
He asked "Are guys going to get this puppy?!"
This Dad and his daughter, Heather then went in to their story.

Heather has been watching this puppy since summer... since one of the first days he got there.
She had seen all of the other 4 puppies in his litter get adopted to new homes with in the first couple of weeks.
But for some reason, this puppy... Gus... was still there.
She told her Dad she would for go all of her Christmas presents and even pay for half if she could just have this dog.
Her Dad, said no.

But every time she came back to the mall (she is a 15 year old girl so it sounds like she was there quite a bit over the last couple of months! lol) she would check on this puppy to see if he had been adopted into a good home.
And every time she came back... he was still there.
Moved around from cage to cage... but still there.

After a couple minutes of chatting, her Dad said it was time to go. She started to tear up and said to Loren "You should adopt this puppy!"
"It looks like you have a nice family, with kids for him to play with, and could probably take better care of him than I could anyway."

Loren, probably getting choked up at this point said... "We'll see."
After she left Loren picked up the puppy and held him.
He wanted me to hold him as well but I tried to stay strong and keep my distance. I know how easy it is to fall in love with a puppy and then how hard it is to walk away.
Loren finally put him down and we walked out.
As we were leaving the mall Heather came running back in!
She said if you get this puppy here is my cell number. Please call me, it would make my Christmas!

After we got home the discussion began!
Loren tried talking me into it and I tried rationalizing him out of it.
We talked about finances, our family, our space, Walter, the babes.
Tons of things went into consideration.
We... and by we I mean me... tried to say maybe this isn't the best time.
Heck, we even flipped a quarter! lol
But after every pause in the conversation Loren was still dead set on getting this puppy!
It didn't even matter what I said... Loren had made up his mind... this puppy was ours!

So, at 6:30 last night Loren went back to the puppy store to bring home the newest member of our family...
Mr. Gus Dunphy Appleberry
- His middle name is Dunphy because that is what the ladies at the pet store had been calling him!
He was there for so long he had to have a name they said.
And all though we liked the name Dunphy (the ladies there were big Modern Family lovers and his name comes from the last name of Phil... Phil Dunphy! lol)
we wanted something a little different.

Although we kept Dunphy as his middle we finally landed on Gus.

And here is... finally home...

The babes are loving him and Walter, well Walter is just tolerating him as of now.
I am hoping they will become the best of friends.
As of now though... Walter is doing a great job of training him and letting him know that this was Walter's home first! lol

When Loren went back last night to pick him up...
he asked the lady... "Why do you think he was the only puppy out of his litter that was left for so long?"
And she said...
"Well, that's because his new owner wasn't ready for him till now."

Call it corny, call it a sales ploy...
I have given in to the idea of a new puppy at our house to love and I think that lady was dead on!
We just weren't ready till now.

Leave it to Loren to push me where I don't want to be pushed and have me tackle something I think I am not ready for.
Instead of being the Dad that said "No"...
he was the Dad that said "YES!"

And for that... I love him. :)

*Now please wish us the best of luck as potty training, house training, and just any kind of puppy training is not the easiest thing to do!

And if I don't chat with you soon...
Merry Christmas!
Chat later,


Monday, December 12, 2011

My Favorite Time of The Year!

December is upon us!
Actually we are well into December... I've just been so busy with the business side of Appleberry's Attic and enjoying this time of year that I have forgot to post!

I am pleased to say we had a wonderful time in Butler, Missouri with the Appleberry's for Thanksgiving!
And as usual... the babes LOVED their time with their cousins...

But since we've been back we've been enjoying the Christmas season!
Decorating the house, setting up the tree, wrapping presents...

 Christmas just isn't Christmas with out a big, full, gorgeous tree!
Side note: All four years that I have been setting up a tree with children not one ornament or bulb has ever been broken... till this year!
Yeah you guessed it, my curious, terrible two's, Tuck, broke 2 of them already!
We'll see if we lose anymore before the tree comes down!
*fingers crossed*

And we've even done a little baking....

 Well... I did the baking and Loren did the decorating!
If it was up to me I would just slap some frosting on these gingerbread men and call them good!
I don't have the patience or the time to go into great decorating detail... but my Loren wouldn't have it any other way!
He is a great little artist!

Here we are... Lorn and I... in gingerbread form!
Check out my hair?! lol
And Mr. Appleberry in a bow tie?!
I love it!
 Ohh, and this chubby little guy who's bustin' out of his tight, striped sweater! Haha.
I think he might be my favorite!
The nervous look on his face makes me laugh!

These are definitely all things that make this time of year my absolute favorite!
I am so looking forward to Christmas!

I better get my wrap on... I've got about a million more presents to go!

Hope you all are enjoying this time of year and soaking up all the wonderful things that come with it!
Chat soon,


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