Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taylor Swift's #1 Fan!

Our Greta girl is a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift... or as she likes to call her "Taylo" ... I guess they must be buds like that!
She loves Taylor Swift and any and all of her songs!
She loves to watch her music videos on YouTube, catch Taylor on T.V. singing her latest song, and mainly just humming, singing, or dancing to any Taylor song running through her head at that very moment!

Taylor Swifts most recent song "Mean" has been a huge hit around our house! - I am positive I have heard that song at least a thousand times - but Greta absolutely loves it and can't seem to get enough!

Well, just yesterday "Taylo" happened to be on Ellen! - so I taped the show just so Greta could see her gal pal Taylor sing her favorite song!
About half way through the performance Greta ran into her brothers room and grabbed his guitar and started to strum along!
Click on this You Tube link to see just how cute the whole performance went down!!!

Later that day she was sitting at our kitchen table writing Taylor Swift a letter when she decided to go off the cuff and give a little acoustic performance right at the table!
I grabbed my camera, disguised it the best I could and hit record.

Wanna see what Greta wrote to Taylor Swift in her Jessie the Cowgirl Journal...

I don't know what it says... but if I had to guess I am pretty sure it says something like...
"Taylo, I love you and your song Mean."
"Maybe you could come over and play someday?!"
"I think you're pretty."
Love, Greta

Hahaha, I can't wait till Greta grows up and I have all these wonderful and funny candid videos to show her!
She is probably the cutest, most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on!
Who knows, maybe I have a country singer on my hands and this is the start of something big! lol

Come on Greta... Momma needs a new pair of shoes! ;)

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!
My five day weekend was fantastic!

Chat later,


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