Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oriental Chicken Roll Ups!

Here is a recipe that we tried at our house last night and it was so yummy!

Have you all been to Applebee's and had their Oriental Chicken Roll up or Oriental Chicken Salad?
Well this is my version and here are the ingredients you will need....

Grilled Chicken
Coleslaw/Cabbage Mix - this is just the premixed stuff in the bag (no dressing)
Crunchy Chinese Noodles (think egg foo yung)
Sunflower Seeds
1 Lime
And the main ingredient that makes it all, is this dressing....

Ok, so here is all you do....
Cut your grilled chicken up into thin strips and lay them on your tortilla.
Then add a handful of the cabbage/coleslaw mix and a handful of the crunchy noodles.
Next, sprinkle some sunflower seeds on top and take a quarter of the lime and squeeze the fresh juice onto your roll up.
Once all your ingredients are on the tortilla, simply add a drizzle of the Ken's Asian Sesame dressing and roll that bad boy up!


They were so fast and easy to make!
And the best part is, the clean up was minimal and so were the calories!

Just one quick tip....
Now that grilling season is upon us, Loren and I make sure if we are firing up the grill we grill enough meat for more than one dinner.
So a few nights back we had chicken on the grill, along with a potato and some broccoli.
Well like I said, since the grill was on... Loren threw another pack of chicken on and we were able prep for 1 or 2 more dinners for later in the week!

So, there you have it!
Just an idea of a yummy and simple dinner.

What are you guys having tonight?!

Chat later,


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