Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love this boy...

Today I don't have any new craft to post. No new recipe for a yummy little treat or a super tasty dinner. No exciting news, event, or funny conversation to post about.
Today I just want to document and post about my boy. My boy... Tuck!

He is a sweet little thing, you know?!
I am thankful to say that he is slowly growing out of his "momma boy" phase, (remember this post?) meaning... he sometimes lets me be and can play on his own.
I guess he just really, really loves his Mommy! But it is nice to see that this stage is sort of getting better, or at least I think!

Last night when I got home from work, Jes had the babes in the bath tub still. So, when I walked down the hall and into the bathroom... both babes lit up to see me.... especially Tuck!
He was dripping wet and literally climbing out of the tub to get to me!
So, against all regards of getting wet, peed on, or having to change my clothes... I grabbed my boy!
I snuggled his wet little body and wrapped myself around him to keep him warm.
I'm tellin' ya'... you should have seen his face. A smile from ear to ear! Pure delight that his Momma had picked him up, naked and all, and wrapped him in her warm, snuggly, hug.

Those are the moments that make being a Mom all worth while!

I've always been a very honest and forward person... and that is most definitely true when it comes to me talking about my struggles as a Mom. It's hard work and I am not shy or bashful to admit that. I am not trying to with hold some magical or perfect standard. And I am definitely not afraid to tell people that being a Mom sucks sometimes! - to be frank! lol

But it is also the best thing I have ever done with my life. It is by far the most rewarding.
To know that I have raised two happy, healthy, and fairly emotionally stable (sometimes Greta is questionable!) children makes me feel like I am doing something right. And when my sweet, little Tuck is so excited to see me that he is willing to jump out of the tub to get to me... it just makes me smile!

He is absolutely wonderful! He loves me with every little bone in his body... and I feel the exact same way about him.
I've said it before and I'll say it again... there is definitely something very special about a boy and his Momma.

We are closely connected and I know what makes him tick! I know what he needs before he even says it. - Every night when we get into his room to put him to bed he points to the rocking chair for me to sit down and rock him. Once I am sitting he nods his head up and down... I know this means he wants me to sing to him.
The cool thing is... no one else in the world knows that about my little boy. No one else knows what he needs and when he needs it. In a sense, no one else can take my my place and that makes me feel so, so honored to be his Mom!

I know, I know. One day this little boy will grow up and not be so little anymore. One day there is actually going to be some new girl in his life! Oh boy!
But for now... I am that girl. And so I will willingly grab that naked, wet, little boy out of the tub and hold him tight anytime he says so!

They sure do grow up fast don't they?!

Make sure to hug, snuggle, kiss, wrestle, play, or whatever you do with your babes!
Just take the time to let them know they are special and that you can't live with out them!

Chat later,


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