Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~ Sewing and a Baby Book Moment! ~

My most recent blog titles make me feel like some of these T.V. shows that title their episodes like this! But sometimes you just have more than one thing to talk about and you have to have two things in your title! So there ya have it... "Sewing and a Baby Book Moment!"
Ohhhh or wait, maybe I should start titling my blogs like the Friends Episodes... "The One With The __________" or The One Where __________! If you're a Friends addict like myself then you get my humor! lol

Anyhoo... on to my post!

So first things first....


I know! What a big boy! He can roll from his tummy right over to his back. This probably has a large part to do with the fact that he HATES being on his tummy! Tummy time is just not fun for the little guy! But he did it! He rolled over all by himself!!! He is just about 4 and a 1/2 months old and I can't believe how fast these milestones come!
*Another proud as a peacock moment! I just love being a Momma!

So it starts like this...

Then he gets over onto his side like this...

(Sorry for the shot. I had to catch him "mid-roll" - it just all happened so fast!)

And then he finishes like this...
Ha Ha!

He just rolls right over!

As you can see by his face, I think he is still a little shocked and even excited that he can now do such a neat trick! lol

Way to go Tucker! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!!!

Ok, then SECONDLY...

I did this little sewing project a couple weeks back and just have not posted it yet! I am starting to sew a little at a time. I am not good at all... but atleast the machine is out of the box and it has been threaded and turned on! And I have even made a couple things!

Check out how cute he is!

And I even did a little hand sewing for Mr. Owl's eyes and beak.

I'm just all kinds of sew crazy aren't I?! lol
I think when Tucker gets a little older he will really like this cute little stuffed owl! But for now, Mr. Owl is going to be used as part of my fall decor.

If you want to see how you can make a cutesie plush owl for yourself... or for your kiddo's... you can find the tutorial here. Those ladies over at Nannygoat are just so darn creative!


Speaking of creative people... Go check out one of my favorite pages, Made With Love and Glue. She is giving away this adorable hat! Sign up along with me and you could win it!
Awww, I just love her cute little peonie pins!

Ok, I think THAT'S IT!
This post was chalked full of goodness! Hope you all enjoyed!

Have a great day!


  1. Hilarious!!!! Love the action photos of him rolling over, my co-workers also found them very cute!! Thanks for the daily does of laughter!! :-)

  2. No prob! Glad you all got a good laugh! :)


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