Friday, May 13, 2011

A Conversation With The Babes...

We just got home from a great day at the Mall!
We saw the puppies (twice), had a pretzel, went on some rides, and even stopped by Bath & Body Works to claim my free item for signing up for their emails.. nice!
The morning was really fun and like usual... when the babes are out and having fun... they are good!

While we were in the Food Court enjoying our pretzel, pop, and hot dog (I know, healthy!)... 
Greta and Tuck started to talk amongst themselves while I dug in my purse for change...

Greta: "Tucker I am beautiful."
Tuck: "I am beautiful."
Greta: "No you are a boy, you can't be beautiful."
Tuck: "I beautiful!"
Greta: "No, you are stinky!"
(I look up from my purse)
Greta: "I mean you are handsome... and Mom, you are just pretty!"

Oh Greta Janel, you are a funny one!
And my precious Tuck, of course you are beautiful... you just may not want to keep screaming that as you get older! haha

Gotta love toddlers! 
They always have something funny to say!

Happy Friday by the way!
Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Chat later,


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