Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hand Stamped Necklace

A couple weeks back my friend Adriann had the cutest hand stamped necklace that caught my eye. When I asked here where she got it, she said that her mother in law knew a girl that made them and she ordered it from her!
Now, these necklaces are by no means a brand new concept! Some time before I had seen Adriann's necklace I was actually seeing all sorts of "washer jewelry" stamped with words, dates, or your kiddo's names on them all over the place! For example... here, here, and here.

And they are just so stinkin' cute that I decided.... "Hey Jen, you're pretty crafty! Maybe you should try your hand at it and make your own!" And that is exactly what I did!

Now my first shot at this is definitely not ridiculously ornate or even super fancy. My first attempt at one was very simple but perfect to capture what I wanted! I'm hoping as I make a couple more... maybe my jewelry making skills of the 6th grade will come back!
- you remember braiding friendship bracelets don't you?!

I just started off with some good ol' washers from the hardware store...

Then I grabbed my new Steel Stamping Set. Which I ordered online here.

Then all you do is take your stamp set, a hammer, and some man - I mean girl - power and hammer each letter that you want onto the washer... "stamping it!" The black sharpie marker is so that when you are done stamping your name or word you can color it in with black ink! It makes it show up MUCH better!

And here is what I got...

Like I said, not any where near as fancy as the women I mentioned above... but for my first time, not too shabby! Atleast I got the concept down! Now all the little pretties, ditties, and fancies will follow! - I particually love the first link I posted, the one with the little girl necklace that says "cute!" I think I will be doing that next for Ms. Greta!

Happy Crafting!


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Monday, June 28, 2010

Deal of The Day!

A big thanks to my wonderful cousin Alysha for finding this deal! .......

FOR TODAY ONLY - Office Depot is selling a roll of 250 Color Address Labels for .99 Cents! This deal also includes FREE SHIPPING and a FREE ROLL DISPENSER!
Just go here and you can start creating your custom address labels! Then at the time of check out, just use Coupon Code #854758859 to redeem the deal!

There were 70 pages of fun backgrounds to pick from and quite a few different font and color options to personalize them even more! Can you say CA-UTE!

Come on right?!
I know some of you are not jumping up and down and getting your undies in a bundy like me... but think of how useful these little babies are! Think every day mailing, or birthday cards, or the first thing that came to my mind was the dreaded Christmas cards!

So all in all my total came to $1.06 for the cutest, most unique address labels on the block!
(Did the song "Jenny from the block just pop into your head too?!") - Oh geez!

Anyways happy shopping!
And if you gals ever find a deal out there that just has to be shared.... please, please, feel free to come by and share it with us or email me and I will do a little post so all us other girls can get in on it!

Oh, and let us know if you took part in this deal! We wanna see the cute labels you designed!

Now go... Hurry! Remember this deal is for TODAY ONLY!

Chat later,


Wonderful Weekend Update:

1. Who doesn't LOVE weddings?! Well, I happen to be a wedding addict! I love them! I would start wedding crashing if I knew there was a full proof way to not get kicked out or embarressed... that's how much I love weddings!

I love the idea, I love the traditions, I love the romance, I love the attention to detail, I love everyone you know and love gathered for one amazing day... I love everything about them!

So, I was beside myself excited that my hubby and I were privileged enough to celebrate the marriage of Joe & Jen Lehman this weekend! Joe is my best friends brother and it just so happens I graduated with him as well! So it was a super beautiful wedding and all together just a really fun day!

Check it out for yourselves....
The bride and groom...

the flowers...

the cake...

And each table had these cute table markers with some little unique thing to know about the bride or groom....
(this gives the menu for Joe's favorite meal!)

And of course... here is my handsome groom of almost 4 years...

We had such a great night! - Thank you Lehman's!

2. Loren and I finally tackled cleaning out our office! For those of you that know us and have had the privilage... I mean nightmare.... of crawling through our office, then you know just how bad it had become!
It seems as though, life with 2 kids and our crazy life and work schedules had really taken over! Before we knew it, the JUNK had piled up!!! It was terrible! We could not find a thing let alone move or function in that room! All things in that room had come to a stop! Which might I add is not a good thing for a family of four living in a small 2000 sq. ft. "Grandma House" like ourselves! We even had cut back a little on webcamming the inlaws because the space had gotten so bad! Poor Greta and Tucker had no room to relax and chat with their Grandma and Grandpa!

Since we are a growing, busy, family we knew we did not have any square footage to spare! Some thing had to change.

So "Operation Office" began....
NOTE: These pictures were actually taken about 2 hours into the project since I had forgot to grab the camera and get a "true" before pic...

Loren truly excited to be spending a whole day cleaning and organizing...

So, between cleaning and sorting, dusting and throwing, moving and measuring, babes and snack times, meltdowns and naptimes.... we FINALLY got it done....

Our second, built in desk. Great for all our crafting, drawing, sewing, etc...

And the babes even have a place to sit and webcam with their Grandma & Grandpa!

Ahhhh, finally some organization and some much needed extra space!

I'd say the weekend was a HUGE SUCCESS?!
Hope yours was too!

Chat later,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Momma Always Taught Me To Share!

.... And sharing is what I am about to do!

So, when I got into work this morning I had a message from my friend Lisa telling me to check out this site... How Does She?! It is a site full of ideas that is dedicated to helping us all become better Mom's, Wives, and Women! - Can't go wrong there!
Now, I haven't had a ton of time to go digging and play around on this site but I can tell you from just about a 10 minute stay... I am in LOVE!
But more importantly, I had to hurry up and get over here so I could pass this on right away!

You see, "HowDoesShe.com" has found TWO FREE OFFERS that I could NOT pass up!
This is where the sharing comes in! .....

1. You can grab a FREE PHOTO MUG for new customers by using FREEMUG as the coupon code at the time of checkout! All you have to pay is the $5.99 shipping!

(Photo taken from HowDoesShe.com)

Think of what a cute gift it would make for a grandparent, hubby, mom, or just yourself!
NOTE: This is for an 11 oz. white single photo mug.
Now hurry up and get over there and get a mug just like I did! - Offer expires 6.30.10

2. Get a FREE 8x10 Canvas Print or upgrade to a bigger canvas using your FREE $55.00 credit towards the upgrade!

(Photo taken from HowDoesShe.com)

I mean can you believe this deal!!!! I haven't technically order one yet because I can't decide which family photo to use!!! - Ahh, the stress of it all! :)

Ok, so there you have it! TWO FREE AMAZING OFFERS! - But before I forget, I'd really like to give a shout out to my friend Lisa and the gals over at HowDoesShe. This post and all the sharing would not have happened with out them pointing me in the right direction. - So thanks!

Oh, and on a side note....

Folks, we have a WALKER in the house!

In the last 48 hours Tuck has went from a wobbly, I don't really care to do this, timid, only hold on furniture, walker.... to a true, I don't have to hold onto anything, I can walk like 18 steps WALKER!!!!!!

Wow! I am proud, he is proud, Daddy is proud, heck... even Greta has been standing there cheering him on! And it could not have come on a better day! - Today Tuck is exactly 14 months old!

Way to go Mr. Tuck! You are getting so big!

Mommy & Daddy love you so much and could not be more proud of you!

Chat later,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recent Discoveries

1. Since we just celebrated Father's Day this past weekend it got me thinking about my hubby and how much I appreciate him and his role in our family.
It seems as though Father's Day never really excited me or meant much until Loren became the father of my babies. Now, for the last couple of years I have really looked forward to Father's Day! A day to celebrate my hubby and the wonderful, kind, playful, handy, God fearing, respectful Dad that he is! Because of him and the man that he has become... I know we are gonna' raise some fine babes!

2. Greta is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to hang out with! Honestly! She is funny and sweet and she loves to sit down and "chit-chat." She has the funniest things to say and I just can't get enough time with her! I work more than I would like to pay the bills and it takes away time from her and that makes me sad. But, I know it is just for a season to pay off our debt... and one day.... one day soon, I will have all the time I want with Greta.
I can definitely see how daughters become their Momma's best friends! She calls me her best friend and I would have to say with out a doubt... she is one of mine :)

3. I said it yesterday and I think it must have been for-shadowing or call it a Mothers intuition if you will... 'cause Tuck took 11 steps last night! - By himself, no walker or assitance of any furniture!!! See, I just feel it in my bones.... my little boy will be walking in no time! I think I'm gonna' have to shout out a "Praise the Lord" on that one! I can NOT wait till he is more mobile and independant! This is big and I am excited!

4. There are some super good songs out right now that are totally grabbin' my fancy! I am slightly addicted to these songs! Lookin' for a good tune? Check these out... here, here, and here.

That's it. That's what's new around here and goin' on in my head today. Hope you guys are having a good day!

It is nice and warm here in Minnesota! I can't wait for Thursday and Friday... we will be back at the pool soakin' up some sun!

Chat later,


Monday, June 21, 2010

While I Was Away.

Since I am a slight perfectionist, a tad anal, and feel the need for order in everything... I feel like I need to cover what we missed while I was away.

So for the sake of documenting things right, or making up for lost time, or whatever! Here is the last 6 -7 months in a quick nutshell.

Let's see what we missed....

A Halloween.

A Thanksgiving in Butler, Missouri with the Appleberry clan!
A wonderful Christmas!

And an Easter.

Also, everybody in our house had a Birthday, except Loren!
Mr. Tuck - our adorable, smiley boy turned ONE!

Ms. Greta - Our sweet baby girl turned TWO!

Walter George - our beloved, snuggly, first son turned THREE!

And I guess it has to be mentioned that I turned yet another year older.... and hit the big two 7!

In other big family news... my sister Jessica got married!
Her and Branden's wedding really was the most beautiful day!!! And if that wasn't enough exciting news involving them.... they shared with us just a couple weeks ago that they are going to have a baby!!! So, come December of this year we will have a new addition to our family!

I need to mention that the last three pictures were taken by the wedding photographer, Jessica Smith. Her work is completely amazing! She did our family pictures as well! If anyone in the area is looking for a photographer, she is the girl to use! Go check out her blog here.

And one of my other sisters, Justine, graduated from Highschool! We just had her open house last weekend! It was so much fun!

And on top of all of that we helped welcomed some new babies into our cirlce of friends, while others announced they were expecting! Loren and I lost a little bit of weight, and we finally finished painting our kitchen cabinets.

Besides all of that I am sure there were about a hundred little milestones that were met, like.... Greta became a chatter bug and is constantly talking. Tuck started crawling and is now just days away from walking, so we think! (cross your fingers!) Oh yes, and Loren and I celebrated 3 wonderful years of marriage.

Wow, that was a big, event filled half a year! - Sorry I took a leave of abstance and missed so much! But I feel so much better now that we are caught up... don't you?!

Chat later,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, Hello Again!

Turns out I miss blogging way to much to give it up completely!
Not like I ever wanted to give it up but you all know how busy life can be?!
I think I just started to let life and "the busy-ness" take over. - I mean I have two jobs and two kids people!
But I guess life and busy-ness is always going to be there and lately I just can't shake this nagging and constant yearning to get back to blogging!

I love writing. I love sharing. And most importantly, I love how blogging helps me capture and document my families life. I've said it before and I'll say it again... blogging is like our families little online scrapbook! And it will be so great one day when our babes are older if they can look back at this blog and have the little day to day things documented... not just the big events and holidays. Because it is in those day to day moments that make us a family, that make us who we are or who my babes will one day become!

Since we spoke last, around October of last year, they went from this.....

To this....

I mean can you believe how big and cute they have gotten?!

I went back and read my very first post - just to see what I had to say way back then - and it definitely reminded me about the things I wanted to share and why I started to blog in the first place.

So yes, yes it is true. I will be getting back to blogging!!!

Oh and before I forget......Like the new look of the ol' blog?! - I knew you would!
Thought I'd spice things up for my come back! Give us all something fresh and pretty to look at!

Well, I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon.

Chat later,


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