Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~ And So He Sleeps ~

This calls for a drum roll please....... brrrbrrrbrrrppp
(excuse my online interpretation of a drum roll!).........


"Amen!" - "Hallelujah!" - "Praise the Lord!"
I know, can you believe it? That is exactly what I was thinking!

My sweet baby boy, who is less than 3 months old, has now slept through the night 3 nights straight! And when I say slept through the night I mean, we put him down to bed at 9:00 pm and he did not wake till close to 7:00 am.

No more sleepless nights, warming bottles at 1 - 4 - and 7 o'clock! No more falling asleep on the couch with a bottle under your chin and a baby in your lap! We have paid our dues!
This is the day every new parent awaits, and Loren and I are finally here!

"What's the secret?" you ask?!?!
RICE CEREAL! - I honestly believe it is not a coincidence that 3 nights ago Tuck slept through the night AND had rice cereal... a first time for both.

Now 3 nights running... Tuck has had rice cereal about an hour before his bedtime bottle. After we lay him down in bed, he has peacefully snoozed till morning!
It's like a dream. I just hope and pray I have not jinxed myself and this sleeping through the night continues!

But for now, I will rejoice in the moment and catch up on 3 months of interrupted sleep!

Look at my baby... so peacefully perfect.

Thank you for being such a good boy Tucker! Mommy loves you. :)


  1. this means you can't stop at 2! oh and super cute blog i want one lol but i'll wait until i have a house and a life all my own-jes

  2. You make me laugh Jenny!
    So glad he's sleeping through the night for you :)

  3. Oh Jes... but stopping at 2 would be so easy! We'll see! Maybe once you get pregnant I'll start having baby fever! Can't wait for your future blog.....
    "Petersen's Palace" or "A Nest Full of Love"... ohhh what about "This AMAZING Life!" Hehe, I'll be full of ideas once you're ready!

    And Thanks Samara! I'm glad you like my blog! :)

  4. This is because boys are easier then girls, lol
    Landon was doing the same thing at 2 months (yes I'm bragging, sorry!) I am so HAPPY that Tucker is off to a much better start then Little Miss G was!!

  5. Agreed! Second babies are a breeze compared to the first! I don't know if they are just better or I just know more and am less nervous! Whatever the combo.... I'll take it! My precious little Tuck is such a good boy! I can't wait for you to see how easy "Lola" will be!


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