Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Fun Chalkboard!

I have stated before that I LOVE chalkboards and mainly chalkboard paint because it gives you the freedom to transfer anything or any surface into a writable one! - a chalkboard!

Well, many of you that have been to my home or read this blog know that we have a big old farm window from Missouri that we nailed to the wall and made a chalkboard out of.
(here's the post on that)

I love this chalkboard!
It is a huge, centrally located item in our house that I can right or share just about anything on!
It started with a quote that I love.
Then moved onto a great share board at Tuck's Birthday Party...
And most recently has been changed into our great Summer Fun Board!

I have seen and heard of ladies and Mom's who make a "To Do List" when it comes to all the fun things they want to do or accomplish over the summer and I love the idea!
So I sat down with a pen, paper, and cup of coffee while the babes were napping and brainstormed all the fun things I wanted to do with the babes as a family this summer!

Now when one of those fun activities is done, we can simply check it off the list and move on to another activity!

I just love that it serves as a great reminder and motivation for me to get out there and make some fun memories this summer with Greta & Tuck!

What about you gals?!

Need a giant chalkboard like this?
Do you have a summer fun list?
Or fun activities you love to do every summer?

Share and share alike if you see something fun I could add to my list!!!

Hope you all are having a great week!

I am off to Princeton tonight to make our May delivery for Louise's Basement!
Hopefully I can snap some pics while I am up there and share some of our goodies with you!

Chat later,


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  1. We do a summer fun list every year and accomplish nearly the whole list! Love it!


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