Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here I am, putting in a couple of hours at work before we make the big annual drive to Missouri for Thanksgiving!
We do this every year and every year I dread the packing, the long drive, the countless potty stops we will have to make, and the inevitable melt downs that will happen during our 9+ hour drive!
But there is no denying that going home to small town Butler really makes Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving!
It is the holiday that we go down to Butler for every year, no exception... unless I'm 8 months pregnant!

And with Thanksgiving being tomorrow you can't help but be reminded of the things you are most thankful for!

... like the worlds best husband...
that loves me, and respects me, and would do anything for me...
... or the cutest kids...
that remind me every day that although being a Mommy is the hardest thing I've ever had to do... it is also THE BEST!
... or a wondeful and big family...
that love you and have your back no matter what!
... inlaws that are so dedicated to my children...
and that make going to Missouri a ton of fun!
...a dog that is beyond sweet...
and gets so excited to see me even when I leave the room for just 5 minutes.
... friends that are loyal and fantastic...
and make hanging out some of the best and most fun times!

 ... and a little dream that became a last name, then became a business...
and is now booming!

There are so many people, places, things, and reasons to be thankful I could do a post every day on something I am thankful for and it would still not be enough!

Most importanly I am thankful and grateful for a loving God who always takes care of me and family, has my future and best interest at heart, who's grace, and blessings, and name is powerful!!!

To Him... I owe all thanks for everything I have.

So, with Thanksgiving tomorrow, what are you most thankful for this holiday season?!

Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Chat later,


Friday, November 18, 2011

Monster Booby Trap

Our Tuck likes to stay up late!

He is never one to go to bed right away.
There is the usual formalities of rocking, praying, singing "You are my Sunshine" and "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash, then a hug and a kiss, and usually some excuse about how he is thirsty or wants to try and go potty or we forgot to give him a hug and a kiss... you know, the usual stall tactics of a two year old!

Well, the other night as Loren and I sat in the living room on the couch... we saw Tuck peek his head out of his room.
He turned his head to the left, then to the right, taking a quick peek around... then he set a toy down outside of his door.
Seconds later he did the same thing....
Peeked his head out of his room... took a quick look around... then placed another toy down right outside of his bedroom door.

At first Loren and I didn't pay too much attention to it, just smiling and laughing to ourselves at how silly he is.
But this setting up of toys continued on several more times.
Then it was followed by more ruckus in his bedroom.
We could here him playing and talking, playing and talking.

After about 15 minutes of these shenanigans we decided it was time to go into his room and let him know it was time for bed.... or at least see what the heck kind of mess he had just made!

After crossing over the line of toys at his door....

.... we were immediately greeted with another obstacle to step over.
His truck was set up with blocks lining the whole front walk way of his room...

When we finally reached Tucker's bed, we asked him... "Bubba, what are all these toys set up for?!"
To which he then replied and started telling us a whole story about monsters and the naughty Halloween guys!
In a nutshell he pretty much said, "If the bad monster guys try to come in my room my dinosaurs will bite them!

The poor boy must have been a little scared or nervous about something he had seen while trick or treating and wanted to make sure his room was protected!
He asked me if he had to take his toys down and put them away and I said no.
I told him even though there are no monsters and Jesus is in his room all night watching over him and protecting him... his toys could stay up all night long and stand guard with Jesus... just in case! 

We tucked him in, gave him one last kiss, and walked out.

About 2 hours later when Loren and I went to bed, we walked into his room to check on him and tuck him in...
We climbed over the ferocious dinosaurs and puppy, and penguins with guns...

.... past the huge semi truck and tons of road blocks....

.... and finally found him all huddled to one side of his bed opposite a tractor, fire truck, car, and barking dog...

All just in case!

We kissed him, covered him up and made our way back through the Monster Booby Trap....
to which all stayed up till morning just to make sure Tuck felt safe and sound.

These are the memories and stories I will love to remember most.
Days when my little boy needed a dinosaur and barking dog to protect him!

Hope you all have had a great week!
Happy Friday!

Chat later, 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What We've Been Up To!

Why is it that we neglect the things we love?!
I find myself straying away from this blog whenever I get too busy.
Funny thing is... I love this blog, it's kinda like my baby.
Blogging for me is one of my favorite hobbies.
I love that it helps me document our lives and keep the ones we love in touch.

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post... we have taken Appleberry's Attic -the store- to Facebook!
You all know the story... I've always had a passion for crafting, we became vendors at not one but two stores, and now we are following the path the Lord has laid out for us and we are taken Appleberry's Attic to the next level - a real, local, home based business!!!

We have already filled 7 orders and have 8 more orders stacked up and waiting to be finished!
I am absolutely tickled at how well this little page is doing since we launched it!
I feel excited, thankful, and blessed!

So, if you haven't checked it out... what the heck are you waitin' for?!

Besides being knee deep in orders and paint we actually still manage to function as a family and enjoy this wonderful Fall season!
This really is some of the best times of year!

A few weeks backs we had a great Halloween.....

Spiderman and Rapunzel got to Trick or Treat with not just one set of Grandparents but all THREE were there to walk the long, cold, tricker treatin' walk!

Grandma Janel & Papa Wayne...
 Grandpa Terry...
 ... and Grandpa Loren and Grandma Debby!
The babes had the best time and got a ton of candy!
It was a great night!

Since that we've just been enjoying November!

Loren went hunting...

... and got a deer!

He was pretty excited!
If you know me, you know I am indifferent and would definitely never post a picture of a dead deer on the blog!
But regardless, Loren was happy and that is all that truly matters.

And here in just about a week we will make our annual drive down to Butler, Missouri for Thanksgiving!

The weather is getting nice and cold and they are talkin' about snow soon... and you know what that means...

I've already been gearing up by listening to Christmas music!
If you want to join me in the Christmas spirit...
I changed the play list on the blog so you could listen to all of my favorite, classic Christmas songs!

Hope you all are having a great November and an even better week!

Chat later,


P.S. You want goosebumps, listen to #17 on the play list... Josh Groban's The First Noel.

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