Friday, August 5, 2011

Homemade Hand Soap

Good Morning!

Well, I have tried my hand at homemade laundry soap, remember this post, and I like it!
So I thought... why not try my hand at homemade hand soap?!

With our side business and making mason jar soap pumps... we have been asked... "do you guys fill your pumps with homemade soap?" And all though it sounded like a great idea... I always had to reply... "no, we don't."

I thought it was a great idea though!
A homemade mason jar soap pump with homemade soap! It just sounds so cute and like a great idea!
So, my sister (thanks Jes!) set out to find an easy recipe for me to try my hand at. 
And I am proud to say... she did!

Here is a really simple, super easy, and crazy inexpensive recipe to make homemade hand soap!
- Did I sell you guys with that enthusiastic description?!

Here is the post I followed if you want the exacts.

Start out with a gallon of water...

Pour it into a large pot and warm it just till its steaming.
It does not have to be boiling.

While your water is warming, take a 4 oz. bar of soap and grate it...
This is where it gets fun!
You can choose any bar soap you'd like!
I found this wonderful lavender bar soap at my local drug store. It was $1.99 which is not a bad price at all... but with the wonders of couponing I bought tons of them at .69 cents each!
So have fun with your scents!

Anyways, back to grating...

After you are done grating your soap... pour it into your hot steamy pot of water. 
Find a helper and start to stir until all the soap breaks down and mixes with the water.

After stirring... cover your soap and let it sit for 15 minutes.
After the 15 minutes get out your hand blender and blend the soap.
I did it for about 3 - 4 minutes and my end result turned out great!

After blending... cover your soap and set it somewhere where the babes won't dip their toys into it!
Let the soap sit for about 24 hours.

The next morning, this is what you will find....
your soap has thickened and turned to gel!
Grab your hand mixer and blend it again so the water and settled soap can come together.

If you find your soap is a bit to thick or gel like even after you blend it... just add a splash of water.

And there you have it!
Pour your soap back into your gallon jug and save it to fill up a bunch of soap pumps!
Or, if you really want a fancy pump... I might know someone who makes thee most adorable ones! ;)

Seriously... how easy was that?! 
Besides the 24 hour wait it was so simple and all I used was a gallon of water and a bar of soap!

Oh, and did I mention just how heavenly lavender soap smells?! 

Give this one a try... I promise you will like it!

Have a GREAT Friday everyone!

Chat later,



  1. They have the same soap at the Dollar Tree!!!

  2. You're letting a young child stand on a chair, at the stove, and stir a pot of steaming hot water...really?!

  3. In regards to ^^^^^ the comment about the child "on a chair, at the stove": water "steams" when you take a shower. It is not boiling. Calm down. The child is supervised.

  4. How long would this last?

  5. That long will it last before it "goes bad"?

  6. Help! I did all the steps, and 24 hours I still have soapy water. I used Yardley English lavender soap, too. Is there anything I can do, or repeat, to hopefully get the thickness?

  7. Warm It Back Up And Add More Grated Soap Then Let Cool again

  8. Thanks for this post. I'm really looking forward to trying this. I love the smell of Lavender! For the record, your little helper is adorable and I'm sorry that "anonymous" from 9-16-13 was so rude to you. The fact you've posted how to make a natural hand soap clearly shows you're trying to offer a healthy (and far more frugal) alternative to the all the chemicals. Bravo! You're a great mom!


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