Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greta & Her Shining Personality!

Yesterday morning was a Wednesday and on Wednesday's I always bring the kids to Mom's so she can watch them that day while Loren and I are at work.

Well, like usual we were running a tad late!
So right before I was about to get into the shower I laid out an outfit for Greta to wear.
I then hollered down the hall and said... "Greta, when you are done watching Barney go ahead and come down here quickly to get dressed so we can go to Grandma's house."

No sooner after those words left my mouth this is what went down...
I hear Greta turn off Barney, slam the doors to the t.v., walk all the way down to her room stopping her feet, walk right past me as she shoots me a look, and then slams the door in my face!

And even though slamming the door in your mothers face is probably not totally acceptable... I couldn't help but let out a chuckle! I turned to Loren who was in the Kitchen and said "Ya' think she might not have wanted to get dressed?!"

Funny thing is... after all of that she comes into the bathroom 5 minutes later when I am in the shower to go potty. I peak out the curtain to make sure she is dressed and to my surprise... she has completely made up her own ensemble! 
I said "Greta that is not what Mommy put out for you to wear!" Which she then replies "The khaki shorts were too tight and I don't like them anyway!"

This is what Greta would have worn to Grandma's yesterday had I not forced her (again) to change! LOL

Ohh, my sweet, sassy, independent, and strong willed Greta!

Even though she gives me fits (a lot) the one thing I love about that strong personality is that I know she will be able to take care of herself when she is older!
I will never have to worry about someone picking on her or bullying her and saying something that completely ends her world.
Although she will have emotions and still get hurt... I know that she will never let anyone win.
Never let anyone beat her, never let anyone take advantage of her!
And that my friends is a good feeling!
In that one sense... she's kinda like her Momma. ;)

And as for my sweet little Tuck.
Well, his outfit just says it all...

And after stickin' up for Greta in the church nursery last week when someone took her toy... I think Greta will be just fine!
If Tuck is anything like his Daddy... he won't let a thing happen to the girls in his life that he loves!

I have quite the little pair, you know?!

Happy Thursday Everyone!
My days off never come soon enough!

Chat later,


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