Thursday, August 4, 2011

Encouraging Words

Have any of you women every said to your husband... "Does this make me look fat?!"
Or... "Honey, do you like this new recipe?"

If your husband is anything like my husband then he of course comes back with the most sweetest and encouraging words! - "No, you look amazing!" Or... "This taste great!"

I have always said the people you are closest to (especially your hubby) say those things because... 
here's the key phrase... 
"they have too."

Well just recently I received one of the most kind and encouraging emails I can remember to date!
This woman does not know me very well... obviously she knows of me or she wouldn't be emailing me... but she by no means knows me enough to where she would "have too" say a nice thing at all.

Her email was full of wonderful words and praises of me as a mother, wife, and just a person in general.
She noticed and spoke of things I didn't even know others were noticing.. and let me just say... her noticing those things really tugged at my heart strings.
I think as a wife and mother you all can relate... we go through our day doing our daily tasks, chores, jobs, etc. And we never know if we are doing a good job... we are just doing the best we know how!

But to have someone take notice of you and your parenting... someone who didn't have to say a kind word at all... really made my day.

Like so many of you I am sure... I too, feel like I am always falling short!
That I yell at my kids too often, loose my cool, have no patience, am teaching them no valuable life lessons... or if I am... not enough!

I have always said parenting is the hardest thing I have, and will, EVER do with my life.
And to have someone take notice and say that she thinks I am doing a good job... well that just meant the world to me.
It meant... even on the hardest days I need to remind myself...
"Jen, you can do this!"

So, to the kind, kind soul that wrote me that email... thank you!
Thank you for making a my day and helping a Momma sleep a little better at night... knowing I am not messing my kids up too bad! lol

And let this be a good reminder to all of us... your words have so much power behind them.
Power to uplift or destroy, power to make or brake a situation or spirit.

So if you are with me... lets try and say a few extra kind things this week.
Whether to a stranger or a friend you know...
your words are more powerful than you think! 

Hope you all are having a great week!

Chat later,


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