Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One of the scariest days of my life!

As many of you know... last week we had a doozy of a week!
You know that saying, "when it rains it pours?!"
Well last week was no exception, we were definitely feeling a little discouraged and under attack.

And it all started with our poor little Tuck falling and having to get his first set of stitches.

You never truly know how you are going to react in the face of danger or an emergency.
You never know if you will be able to hold it together, remain calm and think clearly... or if you will lose it, go into complete hysterics, and almost pass out.
Just so happens I now know what I do in the face of an emergency and I'm sad to say... it was the latter.

That morning, we were at Mom's house swimming and playing in the pool with the Talso's.
Tuck had decided he was going to go jump on the trampoline.
Upon coming out of the trampoline he fell and cracked is head right on the step/brick below.
He immediately let out a scream that had me running towards him!

When I got to him, I picked him up and that is when the whole day changed and will forever be burned into our minds.
When I grabbed him, I flipped him up into my arms... and that is when blood splattered all over my face and chest.
I looked at him and his crying stopped and his eyes locked with mine.
It was a look I can hardly describe.
And with that look I knew this was not going to be good.
Suddenly his head was gushing blood like I had never seen before!
It was like someone took a bowl of blood and poured it down is head!
I can not recall ever seeing so much blood. And so much blood coming out of a little body at that.

I started to cry.
Everything around me started to sound muffled and my whole body felt very warm.

With in seconds my Aunt Joy was by my side calming me down and grabbing Tucker.
We ran upstairs to grab a towel and attempted to stop the bleeding.
Seconds after that, Loren had been called at work and I was in the back seat of Mom's car rushing to the emergency room.

Once we were at the ER they got us back into a room and everything just started to unfold from there.
After putting numbing cream on his head they cleaned it out to assess the damage.
After the doctor saw how deep it was they decided that stitches was the way to go.
The cut was very deep and so Tuck ended up getting stitches on 2 different levels of his head...
the layer right above the skull and then above the fat and tissue he got another layer of stitches.
All in all it was over 20 stitches that that poor little baby had to have.

But I am proud to say... Tuck was a champ!

He was so good the entire time.
Seriously... no joke... he never cried once! Well that was up until they had to give him a tetanus shot.
But while the doctor was stitching him up not one peep.
He would just scrunch his sweet little face up in pain... but never letting out a cry!
He sat still, listened to the doctor, and honestly... did a way better job handling it then I did!

Thank you Jesus that he had no concussion, no skull fracture, and no serious injury... just a lot of stitches!
*Side note... that is why praying over your kids every night is so, so, important!

That whole situation could have been much worse but I am so thankful that a big scare and lots of stitches is all we walked away with.

Of course I didn't have my camera with me at the hospital (nor would I have even been able to use it if I did!)
But here is my sweet little Tuck after a bath to wash away all the blood...

 Showing me his Toy Story stickers that the doctor gave him for being so BIG!

I am happy to report that Tuck is back up and running.
Pretty much back to normal... and by normal I mean running, jumping, playing, and being his carefree not so focused self! lol

And as for me... well I completely botched how I handled my first traumatic ER situation as a mother!
But no one ever tells you how you should react when your child's blood is spilt all over you.
However, I am hoping that now that I have one under my belt I will no longer act like a rookie when an emergency comes my way.

And with that... my son has had his first set of stitches.

Looks like I will be doing a little extra praying every night before his head hits that pillow!

Oh my sweet little Tuck...
how you scared me so.

I hope and pray we never have to go through that again.

Chat later,


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