Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog Gawking

I just spent, probably the last hour, gawking, stalking... whatever you want to call it.... on these 2 different blogs...

The first one is called Grand Design and it is so great!
She is a regular girl with some great taste!
I love that all of her projects look like something I could tackle and do myself.

Take her beautiful kitchen for example!
I just LOVE this space!
Mismatched chairs at the table, an old ladder hanging for pots and pans, white cabinets.
It's just so homey!

And her two little boy's bedroom is too cute!
I love the tall bead board and really LOVE those old twin bead frames!
Wonder where I could get my hand on something like that?

I'm sure if you check out her blog you will be looking through her posts for quite awhile!

The second is called Becoming Betty and it is a site full of nice and easy recipes!
Most of them are right around the 5 ingredient mark!

Like this easy Homemade Salsa...

Or how fun is this one...
Apple Syrup!

Yum - O!

Go check out this blog too!
I know you will find something delish to make!

Oh... and talking about blogs or other cool places to check out... if you are not on Pinterest yet...
Not sure what it is?... I rambled about it in a previous post.

And last but not least... check out the cool new linky thingy right below every post from now on!
 I was so excited to find this neat little thing.
Now after every post I make it will high light 3 other posts that are similar or that you might like to check out!


Anyways... that's it!

Hope you're having a good week.

Chat later,


(all photo's were taken from the blogs of Becoming Betty and Grand Design.)

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