Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Ramblings...

I have decided to launch a new title for random posts and I thought "Random Ramblings" fit quite nicely!

I have some other titles that I go to and use frequently, like "Recent Discoveries" or "Things That Make Me Happy" or "Greta Says" and they are a great way for me to document a certain style or grouping of things.

Now, if you are like me.... busy, frazzled, constantly thinking, always have something on your mind, appointments to attend, events to throw, constantly overloaded by inspirational ideas, projects and crafts you either have to or just want to get to, and sick kids....... then you know how my brain can feel at times.... totally and completely over loaded with random!

At times, or actually most times, I have a billion and one things, events, or ideas running through my head. Sometimes it's a good thing, other times it is a sickness.
I have a terrible time falling asleep (which is why I probably stay up to 1 am every night doing things) and I have a terrible time at shutting off my brain!

Does anyone have this sickness or is it just me?!?!

So for the sake of getting some stuff off my chest, head, whatever... here are thee completely random things that are rambling through my brain as we speak...

1. I love this new site... Pinterest! 
It's like a site that is your own pin board where you can store all the ideas and things you are interested in!
I found it to be quite like window shopping!
You just get to look and look and look at all these other boards that other people have posted! - all full of things they are interested in or at least have peeked their interest. Then you get to "pin" things to your board and come back to all the fun ideas and inspiration you found! It is a super fun site. I can see how I could get addicted fast!!! - or maybe I already am! - crap!

2. I got my hair cut last night by a completely random person and a salon I had never been to before.
It was kinda scary at the time but I actually like the hair cut! Now I don't have to look like "that" washed up, drippy mom, at Tuck's Birthday Party this Saturday!

3. Speaking of that... I need to dye my hair and go tanning! - oh the stupid things us girls do to make us feel better about ourselves! It's really about confidence right?! - and I am pretty sure I would feel much more confident about life with a fresh bottle of dye slopped in my hair!

4. I still have all of the grocery shopping to do for Tuck's party but I have a good grip on the decorating and other stuff! It is coming together so nicely! I am loving the 1950's Soda Shop Theme... it has been so much fun to work with!!! - I'll post pics next week after the party.... don't worry!

5. I just changed up my living room decor a bit!
Do any of you ever feel like you are locked in to what you have in that very space at that very moment?! And if you ever wanted to do any kind of change whether big or small... you'd have to move and start completely over?!

Well I feel like that all the time!

I do such cute stuff to sell at Louise's Basement but feel like half the stuff I do I love, but it wouldn't "fit" into my house!
Well over the last 2 days I have been trying my best to switch it up at our house.
I grabbed an empty box and went around my living room and pulled out every bit of red I had in there! Except for the plaid chair and sofa table... those are red and staying that way.
Anyways... I pulled out all the red and actually it really helped me feel like I had a cleaner pallet to work with! Once the red was out I started bringing in some lighter springer things and colors... like blue and whites and such!
I really just shopped the house for stuff I had and made something work!
I don't know if I am in love with the "new look" of our living room but it definitely looks a tad lighter and brighter then when all that red was in there!


Ok, so I think that's enough for today!
Wow, a little rambling sometimes really makes you feel better!

Sorry this post was random, kinda long, had no pictures, and was full of rambles... but you know what... so be it! It said it in the title so I guess you should or could have expected this! haha.

Well thanks for listening to my rambles!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Now if you'll excuse me... I have a house to clean, in laws getting into town, and a killer birthday party to throw! - oh my gosh... and wonderful Easter to celebrate!
Will my son ever get to have his party on a non busy, national holiday weekend?!

Ok, I better not start... I said enough rambling!

Chat later,


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