Monday, August 29, 2011

The Love Of A Brother & Sister: Morning Playdate Edition.

This morning started just like any other morning around our house...

Tuck came into our room sometime between the hour of 6:00 & 7:00... to snuggle and fall back asleep for a bit.
Alarm went off at 7:30 and I awoke to him screaming he was hungry and needed a granola bar!
8:00-ish... Greta hears all the ruckus Tuck is making and decides to roll out of bed.... hair a mess, half disheveled and usually needing a minute before you can even talk to her... that is until she demands a glass of hot milk!

By 8:30 we are all in full swing!
Breakfast is being had, lunches are being packed, Mom is showering and getting ready.

But this morning the babes imaginations took off!
Greta was "busying" herself in her room playing dress up.
She was dressing up, trying on different attire, looking at herself in her little blue mirror... the whole nine yards.
At some point during Greta's fashion session... I mean dressing up... Tuck wondered into her room. - probably because he was bored, doesn't like to play by himself, and Mom was in the shower not able to hold him.

And somewhere in the process... he got sucked in!
I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and started to hear little tales and conversations about what and where they were going!
First it was on an airplane ride to South Dakota, then in a car (under the kitchen table) to McDonald's with their BFF's and second cousins Brayden & Joanna.

They played so nicely and kindly with one another.
They were sweet and funny with their stories and interactions with each other.

They were a brother and sister playing together!

And let me tell you... as I got ready this morning... it was music to my ears!

Even if my little boy was wearing necklaces and carrying a heart shaped bag! :)

These two may drive me wild at times...
but I sure would be lost with out them!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Chat later,


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