Friday, August 26, 2011

Days Until...

So... I've been workin' on a new design over here!
Thanks to a friend emailing me a great idea and my love of Pinterest for tweaking it a bit, and this is what we come up with....

The New Appleberry's Attic "(days until)" Sign!

Well... it's not so much a sign as it is a chalkboard I guess!

But seriously... how cute is she?!

The "days until" chalkboard is such a fun piece! 
It is like a never ending count down because you can continually change it out!

For example...

___ days unit School Starts
___ days until Halloween
___ days until Christmas
___ days until the State Fair

Whatever you choose... this is the coolest way to display the excitement leading up to an event in your home!
And like I said... the best part is... after you reach the event, just erase, pick a new fun event, and start over!

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out and can't wait to get them into one of our stores to hear what the feed back is!

What do you gals think?
A fun must have?!

Chat later,


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