Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy Was Missed.

Sorry I haven't been around for about a week!
We were busy filling some custom orders, my work schedule was a bit messed up because gram and gramps were out of town, and finally we were dinkin' around with my broken car!
So, needless to say... I've been busy! - no shock there.

Although I am always on the go and have a hard time sitting still... I don't always like it.

Take last night for example...
Monday nights I work at Tara's and I am not home to say good night to the babes.
I am not there to tuck them in, pray for them, kiss them or rock them.
Most nights it is what it is but last night when I walked into Greta's room at midnight to give her a kiss my heart about melted.

Right next to her, sitting propped up on her bed was her doodle board, with quite the "doodle"....

Greta had told Daddy as he was tucking her in that she missed Mommy.
So to comfort her and help her feel better he quickly drew a picture of me for her to sleep with!

When she crawled into our bed this morning and snuggled into me, the first thing that came out of her sleepy little self was... "Mommy I missed you!"

It was music to my ears.

I have the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world and when I'm away from her... boy do I miss her as well!

And what did you think of that drawing?! LOL
From the not so skinny figure to the big wild hair... I guess it wasn't too far off!

I particularly like how Greta drew herself (floating) off to my right.
And when asked this morning about what that circle was on my tummy.
She said a baby!
I said... a baby?!
And she laughed and said no, that's silly, it's a belly button!
Haha. Smart girl!

I'll stick with the belly button!

Hope you all are having a good week and here's hoping this week is not nearly as chaotic and busy as the last few have been!

Chat later,


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