Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tucker Says...

Normally I do a post from time to time that is called "Greta Says..." but lately my Tuck has been full of words!
He has a little stutter because he gets so excited and has a hard time talking as fast as his brain is working... but if you listen patiently you will find that he is very chatty!

This morning as I was getting him dressed and changing his diaper when I sneezed...

Tuck: "Bless you Mommy!"
Mommy: "Thanks Tuck."

Tuck then starts to rub and pat my shoulder.

Mommy laughing: "What are you doing Tuck?"
Tuck: "Burping you!"

He is so sweet and so innocently funny!

I love that he is talking and acting like such a little person.

If you just give him a minute you will find... he has a lot to say.
However, it's usually about tractors or thunderstorms!

Hope you all are having a great a Wednesday!
I have an unexpected day home with the babes... so we are headed over to Grams to hang out! :)

Chat later,


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