Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Update!

So, the last time I posted was last Tuesday (way back in May, haha!) ... I can't believe a whole month, I mean week, flew by that fast!

Well actually I can!
You see, last month and mainly last week was one of the craziest, busiest, weeks of my life!
From last Tuesday till Sunday night I was in "go mode!"
I was in... get as much painting, cleaning, visiting, and signs done as your little self can do... mode!

But it was all worth it!
Even though it was a crazy month & week, it was a good one.

This is a rough recap of what our Wonderful Weekend looked like...

.... lots and lots of painting produces lots and lots of signs!
Two dozen, or 24 signs to be exact is what we featured at The Grand Opening of The Front Room!

Along with some fun chalkboards!

But not only did we do signs, soap pumps, and chalkboards... we did some great furniture pieces as well!

If you remember this past weekend was the Grand Opening of The Front Room!
- hence the busy-ness and craziness!

But, I can finally say it is over and it was a success!

Come on in and take a peak of what the Grand Opening looked like this weekend...

 Outside when you walked in some of our signs and chalkboards were featured along with our gorgeous custom order wall shelf.... shown above in Robins Egg!

 Above... some of our white entry tables, shelf, and bench.
Below... a lovely blue dresser!

And here is probably our favorite piece...
Our 2 toned custom order bookshelf shown in Country White and Mustard Seed!
Love, love, love this piece!
Also below, down in the left corner... is our Farmhouse Coffee Table!
A smaller version of our "baby" the Farmhouse Dining Room Table!

That Mr. Appleberry is one talented guy!!!

You know, with any Grand Opening or any sale for that matter in this business, nothing gets pulled off with out lots and lots of work... and lots and lots of great product... and I'd say, last weekend, we displayed both!

I am so proud and so relieved Loren and I survived another opening of a store!

Also, there to be apart of our weekend was Loren's Mom and Dad....

... along with one of our niece's... Chory!

They came up to MN this weekend to hang out with us and the babies and boy was it a nice weekend!
They were able to come check out the grand opening of our second store, enjoy the nice weather, and just spend lots and lots of quality time with the babes.

A Friday night picnic/bonfire was just what the doctor ordered!
I think we all had a great time roasting hot dogs and s'mores!

We were so grateful to have The Appleberry's make the long drive to spend some time with us!
And we are so grateful and excited that The Front Room is up and running!

Our weekend was busy, our weekend was full, but our weekend was good!

Hope ya'll had a good weekend as well!

Chat later,



  1. Hi Jen! I am the person that bought 2 of your gray barnboard hutch's. Decided to check in on your blog for some fun ideas and saw you opened a store! Where is it? I would LOVE to visit sometime!


  2. Hi Kim!
    I took on yet another adventure and now my hubby and I are vendors in another store in blaine... called The Front Room! It is right off of Hwy. 65 and 242 in the front of Obella Salon and Spa! Mr. Appleberry has a TON more handmade pieces if you liked your hutch so well! Farm House Tables, Book Shelves, Wall Shelves! Lots of goodies! If you are ever in the area... come check us out! :)

  3. I definitely will! You are inspiring!


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