Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year: New Resolutions!

a formal expression of opinion or intention made, a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something!

Why is it so hard for me to keep up on blogging when blogging is something I love to do?!
I could list the age old list of kids, hubby, jobs, and life... but if you follow my life here or as a friend, you already know all of that! haha.

So, I took a couple months off and now I am ready to get back at it! Ready to continue documenting my life, my families life, and all our memories along the way!

This is like my online scrapbook or journal and you know hows those go, right?! After neglecting it for awhile you always have it in the back of your mind that you want to get back to it! Get back to that pile of pictures or pick up that journal and write a little something in it! And blogging is my form of that.

So for the start of a New Year I really would like to get back to blogging and start documenting our memories a little more! I am sure I will take more breaks from time to time, but I am going to give it my best!

Along with blogging I thought it would be a good idea to document or share some other resolutions I have on a list! Stating them outloud, I mean writing them... kind of makes them feel more permanent, like I am slightly being held accountable by all the people who read this!

So here's my list:

1.) Start waking up earlier so our mornings can run more smoothly! (there's a whole post here on how cruddy our mornings can really be!) I vowed I would change some things... and I did for a little while... but our mornings went straight back to crazy as we started sleeping in till that "very last second!" It is a terrible habit and it needs to change! Hopefully this is the year I can get our mornings under control!

2.) Keep up on organization & tackle even more of it! After Christmas and a Birthday in our house last week we were forced to really sit down and organize the babes bedrooms. We threw away and packed up a ton of toys to make room for all the new and improved ones they got as gifts over the holidays. So I feel pretty good about our jump on organization but that was just the start! We have soooo much more that could be done!

It is almost like a drug, I get this "high" every time I organize an area of our house that just isn't functioning properly... and if I could just keep up the momentum and organize little areas at a time I think our family could function and run more smoothly! So an appointment with organization is on the calandar for 2011! - starting with our appliance cabinet!!!

3.) Get back to a healthy lifestyle and start losing weight again. This has always been a struggle for me and kind of touchy to talk about at times! Let's face it... I am no skinny minny... never have been and most likely, never will be. And that is ok with me! I am not trying to be "skinny" just a skinnier version of the me that I normally am.

Spring of last year my hubby Loren was involved in a "Biggest Loser" competition at work and to help him along... I joined in and started working right along side him to lose weight! - and believe it or not, we both did a really good job! I lost 30 lbs! Can you believe it?! Me, 30 lbs. lighter! It was wonderful! But once the competition ended the pressure was off, the bet was off, and honestly we just stopped watching our diet and completely stopped working out!

We held our own for a little while, but sure enough the pounds started to creep back up on us! And out of the 30 I had lost I have gained back 20! - it is almost embarrasing to say... but it's true! Loren and I both just have that body type and metabolism that always has to be kept in check or it will go all crazy and get out of control if we let it!

So I am really hoping I can get my butt in gear and I am vowing that I will lose that 20 that snuck back up on me and maybe even a little more.

It stinks that I have that kind of body and weight problem that needs my full attention. If I want to drop the pounds and be at a healthier weight I have to constantly keep my food and diet in check. At the fore front of my brain... 365 days a year. - It is tiring which is why I usually give up. But I am hoping for something better in 2o11!

4.) Finish paying off some solid debt and have a little more flexibility in our budget and in our life! We are close, so, so close! This year we will have a couple big things paid off and taken care and it feels so great! The plan is to take that money and start paying it down on a few other things and start getting our finances back in control. - They were never really out of control... there was just a severe lack of them with the little hit we took from the economy! So with big things being paid makes room for other things to be paid off! And sooner than later we should really be down to just general house bills and our mortgage!

No credit cards, no car payments, etc! It will feel so good.

So this should be a good year! I am praying in wealth and prosperity!

5.) Figure out our plans for adding to our family! - and yes I'm talkin' baby!

I could ramble on and on under this resolution but really why waste my breath?! You gals get it, right?!

Having another baby would be soooo much work! We are at a super good place right now and we have one of each... a boy and a girl, why mess with that?! Do we really want to go back to that stage and have another baby? But do I really want to be done having babies? Do I want just one more baby or two? What the heck... what if I have twins and it sticks this time!

Aghhh! Ok, so I did waste my breath! - guess I needed a vent!

See why I added it to my resolution list?! It is a topic that needs to be addressed and figured out. I don't want a massive gap between my children so if we are gonna do this we need to talk about it and mostly likely... suck it up and do it! - clearly no punn intended... this is a family blog! LOL

So who knows.. maybe 2011 will be the year of the baby?! Well maybe not delivered in 2011 but concieved? - but really this is the one resolution you shouldn't seriously hold me to! We'll see...

Well, I think that's about it! Lots of other little things I want to accomplish could make the list like household projects and such... but these seem to be the main 5 on my brain as I entered in to this New Year.

Hope everyone reading this is doing well and has some great things planned for 2011! Here's to a great year ahead!

It's good to be back!

Chat later,


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  1. Thought this could be some motivation & guidance for #3!! Plus most all of these people blog about it and you like bloggin!!


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