Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Greta Girl!

As I mentioned in last weeks post... our baby girl just turned THREE!
On Friday, December 31st Ms. Greta Janel Appleberry left the world of the two's to embark on a new journey in the wonderful world of three year olds!

I can't hardly believe it! It's like I need to say it again or keep repeating myself just to make sure I know it is true... I am the proud owner of a three year old little girl!!!

We like to make big deals of birthday's at our house! Big or small, old or young... the day of ones birth is an important day... a day to celebrate! So when G's birthday rolled around it was no different!

The night before her birthday was a little different this year. You see, we have always had our "Appleberry Christmas" on New Years Eve/New Years day... and this still stands some what true even with Greta's birthday in the mix. So this year we had all of our family in town and that meant Greta was pulling a slumber party on Mommy & Daddy's bedroom floor.
So before Loren and I tucked her into bed that night we made sure to dote on her, make her feel special, and let her know just how big tomorrow was going to be in her short little life. - oh and of course I had to take pictures of our moment together that night!

Here is our sweet little two year old, all tucked in... ready to become a different girl by morning... ready to turn three!

Showing us (and Jessie & Woody) how old she is about to become!
And here it is... our last documented photo of Greta as a TWO year old. She knew how big and fun the next day was going to be and boy was she excited! The excitement in her face is just priceless!

The day of her birthday she woke up to birthday signs all over the house (it's one of our traditions) and cinnamon rolls with pink frosting... and of course hot milk! - one of Greta's guilty pleasures we call it! haha
After breakfast we headed off (cousin's and friends alike) to Eagle's Nest, an indoor play ground! All the kids had a blast. After Eagle's Nest came a birthday lunch of Greta's favorites... a McDonald's Happy Meal with a sprite. After lunch a little time to rest then opening presents with all of the Appleberry's & Nelson's around!

Later that night after dinner we sang Happy Birthday to the brand new three year old and all had some cupcakes!
All in all, it was a pretty good day!
The following day was full of more fun as we celebrated with friends and family at Greta's big Cowgirl Birthday Party!
Greta is all about Toy Story and Jessie the Cowgirl! So it was only right that her Momma threw her a killer Cowgirl Party! The theme and details came together perfectly! She loved it!
Here we are with our wonderful, adorable, (and slightly fidgety) THREE year old!
Quite different from her FIRST Birthday, wouldn't you say...
(Tuck was in this picture too! I was about 5 mths. pregnant with our baby boy!)
Looking at that picture just really helps it all sink in!
Boy how time flies!

We are blessed beyond words to call Greta our very own! She is absolutely beautiful, full of spunk, and completely perfect! Our lives would not be the same with out her!

She is quite the girl you know?! She is growing into such a neat little lady!

At THREE years old Greta...
loves Barbie’s, coloring, playing “mommy” with her babies, freezies, watching any of her Disney movies, being at Grandma’s, Toy Story, playing outside… even in the snow, being silly with her brother, “swimming” in the tub, lovin’ on her Daddy, baking with Mommy, or chasing around Walter… her “rascally rabbit!” And she LOVES to sing! Her favorites are Sugarland, Taylor Swift, and Carrie “Underwear”. She can’t get enough of those girls! She will dance, sing, and twirl around for hours listening to their songs. She knows every word and thinks she is oh-so-big!

Greta is sassy, independent, and knows what she wants! She is so smart and talks all the time! We absolutely love her spunky little spirit! She just wouldn’t be Greta with out it!

So, Ms. Greta Janel Appleberry;Thank you for blessing our lives more than we could ever put into words! Thank you for being you! Thank you for coming into this world and filling my heart with more joy than I ever knew it could hold!
I love you so much and will strive every day to be the best Mommy I know how to be!
I can only hope that when you are older and read this you will know just how much you are loved!
Your kisses are sweet and brighten my day when I am sad.
Your eyes are blue and sparkly and full of excitement for your journey ahead.
Your little hands are so cute as you reach out to hold mine.
Your laugh is contagious and we can't help but join in.

In case you haven't noticed Greta, we think you are absolutely perfect!

Welcome to being THREE!

May this year be full of fun, play times, pool days, candy and all other things you love!!!

We love you Greta Girl!
Mommy & Daddy

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