Thursday, September 30, 2010

Greta's New Fascination!

I should have titled this post....
"What Has Loren Done To My Baby Girl?!"

This is Greta's favorite thing to watch lately...

He Man!

I know, can you actually believe it?!

With all sorts of movies around the house like Lilo & Stitch, Barbie, Yo Gabba Gabba, or even Barney! This is what Greta chooses!
Now I know I am coming off a tad sexist. Like "girls can't watch He Man?" And I guess they can. I just didn't think my little girl would find a new fascination with him!

She really does watch it all the time! It's kind of strange.
And not only does she watch the whole first season on dvd, but she even plays with all of the He Man figurines!

(Wonder where she got those Daddy?!)

The other morning Loren and I were in the kitchen packing lunches when we over heard Greta talking and playing with He Man and Skeletor.

He Man says to Skeletor: "Skeletor, give me your staff right now!"

Skeletor: "No way He Man!"

He Man: "You give it to me or I'll spank you in the butt!!!"


My daughter is a hoot! A crazy, little, He Man obsessed HOOT!
Oh well, she really is pretty stinkin' cute... my little weirdo!

We'll see how long this stage last! I am hoping not long! - I'm not really a big fan of watching He Man all night.

Side Note: I am sure you all are wondering where Greta would have even got the complete first season of He Man or all of the He Man figurines?!
Oh that's right... she got them from Daddy's little toy stash!

* Sorry honey! The cat's out of the bag! *

Any of your babes go through a strange toy or movie phase?!

Chat later,


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