Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday!

Twenty nine years ago today, my hubby was born at a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.
And the Lord knew all along that the birth of him and his very existence would inevitably one day change my life. And he was right! One week before Loren's 21st Birthday, destiny took over and we met! He's been in my life for 8 short years but it really is hard to remember my life before him.
If you know me, you know that I think Birthdays are a big deal! I think everyone deserves their birthday to be a celebration! The one special day a year that we honor you! A birthday is the end of one year and all the memories that happened in it and the start of a new year! The start of 365 new journeys.

He may not have always made the right decision in the last 29 years but I think he has made quite the life for himself! I think he has stumbled but found his way, achieved some major life goals, become a fantastic husband and father, and has found along the way how to become a man of character and integrity.
We learned at church this past Sunday that life is all about transformation. That we are all works in progress. God knew we wouldn't be perfect but we could at least strive to be... and I could not agree more.

So here we are today celebrating the life of Loren Dale Appleberry and the 29 years he has been on this earth!

This morning the Birthday Boy was greeted with our traditional homemade birthday signs and a home cooked breakfast!

Early, fall mornings on the porch are the best! This is where Loren and I now enjoy our morning coffee and cereal... but today was more than a cereal kind of day!

After bugging me like a small child, Loren got to open his birthday present. A hunting knife! Woo wee! lol - too bad he knew about it all along! Stinker!

Wally was all about snuggling with his Daddy this morning. Actually I think that is what Walter got him for his birthday... a snuggle, a kiss, and a tail wag!

About an hour and a half after we woke up the babes joined the birthday morning breakfast! Greta was excited to show her Daddy the sign she had made and colored for him!

Soon after breakfast, Jes (my sister & nanny) got there to watch the babes and we left for work.

That was our morning, but little did Loren know that at noon today a pizza was going to be delivered to him at work. Upon opening the box he found a pepperoni pizza that spelled out "Happy Bday!"

Now tonight the Birthday Boy got to make the call on the menu so we are having Meatball Subs and a salad.

This day is actually all apart of "Birthday Week!" A week full of fun, surprises, and celebration!Actually each day this week there is a plan to give him a gift or surprise him in some way. Also on Friday we have plans to go on a date and Saturday we are having a little party with my family.

All in all, this is going to be a good week! - Exactly what I wanted, a week of celebration

So, Happy Birthday to my best friend and the man that changed my life! It is because of this that your life is so very important to me!

Wanna celebrate Loren's life or wish him a Happy Birthday today... be my guest! I am sure he would love a call or a text from each and every one of you!

Chat later,


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