Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Petersen: I'm a...


Can you believe it?! My sister and brother in law are having a GIRL! Against my better judgement and gut instinct "Baby P" is a GIRL!

Ahhh, we could not be more excited to have a little girl in the family! Someone for Greta to play with, someone for Auntie Jen to snuggle and buy gorgeous pink outfits for! Oh a girl! I am so thrilled! I feel like I haven't had a baby girl to snuggle in so long and this just makes me oh-so-happy!

Last nights gender reveal party was nothing short of fun, exciting, and shocking!

Here they are, the soon to be parents! Jes & Branden seconds away from a life changing moment...

Jes was beyond happy!

She couldn't believe it! She actually got her girl! This is what she wanted all along!

I think I might have even seen a little tear in the midst of her happy dance! :)

My little Sis! Momma of a little girl!

Congrats Jes and B! You guys are going to make fantastic, fun, awesome, loving, parents!
We could not be more excited for you guys and this next chapter in your lives! Before we know, SHE will be here! Oh how we can't wait to meet her!

Chat later,


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