Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Real Vendors!

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog lately! Loren and I have been knee deep in house guests, car crashes, paint, and craft projects!
Yes I know, it seems a bit crazy!

Side Note: The house guests were my in laws and it was such a great trip having them here for 5 days. We really did have the best time. The car crash actually included them, the 2 babes, and my car... but everyone is perfectly fine! Praise the Lord. And of course the paint and projects are all for Louise's Basement!

So now that you are up to speed... wanna share in our excitement?!

Well on Sunday, we were able to go check out the space that is Louise's Basement and drop off our very first load of merchandise! Um... YEY!
Let me just first start off with how great the space is! It is in the basement of another store and it really does have the cutest most intimate little feel down there! I got to meet the owner, Kelly, and see some of the other vendors stuff... and boy was I giddy!
I am telling you girls... cute, cute, cute! I already spotted an adorable little table I want! (not that I need it or anything!)

Now that we have dropped off our first load of stuff I really feel like this is it! WE ARE VENDORS! We are apart of this cute new shop in Princeton and these girls really liked our stuff! I mean we are like the girls I dream about or hear about at little shops or in blogland! I totally feel like we have ARRIVED! Me and the hubby are making stuff that women actually want in their homes to become a part of their families! Ahhh! - I was totally doing a happy dance on Sunday and am tempted to do another right now!

Ok, anyways, let's all calm down... or shall I say, let me calm down!

So before we loaded up the truck and left to make our first delivery I snapped some shots of all of our stuff stacked up and ready to be loaded!
I really wish I could say that I took some pictures when I was at the shop... however, between unloading the truck, meeting the girls, showin' off my stuff, and really just my pure excitement... I did NOT get any pictures of the shop! - But no worries, during the weekend of the Grand Opening I will make sure to take pictures and document such a momentous occasion.

But for now... here are some shots of our stuff so you gals can get a look at the kinds of stuff we have been doing!
Oh... and I am secretly hoping to entice you with some of the below "little ditty's" so you want to come out to Louise's Basement and visit me for the Grand Opening!

We were so excited of our success that we made a victory stop at Sonic in Elk River for a little treat! :)

Did I entice you and make you want to come join me for the Grand Opening?!
I hope so!

If you want to see some of our items we previously posted, you can go here and here.

Check out the facebook page for Louise's Basement or the website here.

Hope to see you there!

Chat later,


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