Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Most Adorable Family Pictures!

So remember yesterday when I was catching you up and telling you all about our family pictures with Jessica Smith?! Well.... THEY ARE UP and on her website already!!!!!

I am beyond excited, super thrilled, giddy as a school girl, and sooooo IN LOVE with how they turned out! Aghhh, they are absolutely stunning!
This Jessica Smith has a real talent for what she does!

Are you just dying to see them now or what?!

Ok, you can!

Just go here and click on "clients." You will then see the thumbnail photo that says "Family - 9/8/2010." You will need a password to get into the gallery and that password is "appleberry1." Once you are in the gallery, before you can view the photos, it will ask you to type in your name and email address. After you do that you should be set!

Seriously.... brace yourself for the cutest pictures EVER!
I have so many favorites I can't even begin to pick which ones I am going to get!

Ok... get going. Go check out the pictures!
And make sure to let me know which ones you guys like the most. - Might help me make my decision on whichs ones to get!
UPDATE: Since I posted this post we got the CD of all the pictures and I wanted to share my absolute favs! There are close to 200 pictures so this is just a quick glance!

Oh... and P.S. - tonight we are going over to my sisters house for a big family dinner to find out the sex of her baby! Kind of a little gender reveal party! So excited... I'll let you guys know tomorrow!
But let the record state, my guess is BOY!

OK... Chat later,


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