Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy...

... Taking someone's junk and turning it into another's treasure!

This was an old fence taken down from someone's home in Coon Rapids. After taking it down the homeowner had no where to get rid of all that wood so he decided to put it on Craigslist in the hopes someone else would get rid of it and deal with the haul away and taking care of such an ugly old fence.

Well, my Loren instantly realized that ugly old fence had a ton of life left in her and lots and lots of potential.

After contacting the home owner, Loren was to their house with in the hour hauling load after load from the back yard to his truck.
He drove away with about half a pick up load of dirty old fence boards and a million ideas rolling around in his head!

A week later, here is that very same fence in her new glory.....

A wonderful, farm looking hutch! Ready to display a families books, pictures, nic-nacs, and their families story.

There are still a couple header boards that need to be added. So she is about %95 percent done, but I was just so excited to show off this old girls story!

How great, right?!

Now this tired old fence will get to spend the rest of her life in someone's cozy and warm house holding tons of family keepsakes and "perdy's" as my southern hubby says!

You will find this girl for sale at the Grand Opening of Louise's Basement next month!

We are getting pretty excited, things are slowly but surely coming together!

Chat later,


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