Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Birthday Party & Pony Rides!

This morning we spent some time at Bunker Stables to celebrate our friend Juliana Schmitz turning two!
We were invited to join along in Pony Rides, Pizza, Birthday Cake, and some good ole' Outdoor Fun!

And what a good idea it was to take all of the babes on a Pony Ride!
Our kids were in love the second they laid their eyes on all those horses!

They had so much fun and after getting to ride their very own ponies... they felt pretty big!
Greta came up to me while Daddy was turning in her riding helmet and asked if she could come again... but of course only if she could bring Jack! - go figures! (Greta has a small obsession with Jack!)

Speaking of Jack here he is watching his little sister open her presents!

And the littlest of the Schmitz babes... Baby Jay!
Or Matt just 50 lbs. bigger as I like to call him...

All in all it was a GREAT morning!
The babes had fun riding ponies and running around and we had fun catching up with friends!

Happy 2nd Birthday Juliana!

Thanks Matt & Chelsey for such a fun party!

Chat later,


If you wanna check out the birthday girl blowing out her candles... just click on this link!

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