Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Well, Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there and most importantly...
Happy Father's Day to the wonderful and amazing Mr. Appleberry!

As all Father's Days goes... today was a day all about spoiling Loren, making him feel loved and appreciated, and me taking the full load with the babes! But no worries, my Loren is well worth it!

We started the morning with a delicious Father's Day breakfast of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and sausage!

Then went to church...

...and headed off to Mom's to spend a nice warm day swimming...

... and spending the day celebrating our Dad's together!

It was a good day!
A really good day if you were to ask Loren!

See, right now as we speak, Loren is off enjoying his Father's Day to the fullest! 
He is out living the Father's Day dream.... FISHING! 
Or as he would say... FISHIN'

But the fun doesn't stop there for him!
Actually this year Loren's Father's Day present surpassed just about all Father's Day presents!
This year, Loren got a BOAT!

Yeah, that's right... a boat!.

Loren and my brother in law Branden went "halfsies" on the purchase of a boat... and now Loren can proudly say he is a boat owner! 

It's nothin' fancy, but it is exactly what he wanted and it is perfect for the boy's late night cat fishing trips!
Remember this post?! 
There's a great picture showing what the boys look like when they wake me up at 2 in the morning to take a picture of them and their catch for the night!

This boat is actually something he has wanted for a long time and it is something I have been secretly saving up for with a little side cash from our Louise's Basement earnings! - and it couldn't have worked out better that Branden has been bit by the cat fish bug and wanted in on the whole "halfsies on a boat" thing!

So, it all worked out and most importantly... my Loren is happy!
And that is what brings a smile to my face every Father's Day... seeing Loren, the best Dad I know... happy!

You see, growing up I never liked Father's Day much.
Those of you that know me know that I have a different family dynamic and not the strongest connection with either of my Dads.
And Father's Day always reminded me of what I didn't have and left me feeling worried I would never find it for my children. 
But then, God set up a divine appointment... and I met Loren!
And the second he moved way up here to Minnesota and changed his whole life just to be with me, I knew I had found a man that would not only be thee most loyal and devoted husband but father as well.

Every day I thank the Lord at how blessed not only me but my children are that we get to call Loren our very own!
He is our rock!
He is my rock!
And thee exact man I spent night after night dreaming and hoping I would find for my children.

Loren... if you ever read this some day, I just want you to know how grateful I am to you!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such and amazing example to our children and showing me what the love of an earthly father was meant to look like.

I love you!
Happy Father's Day!

"Has not the Lord made them one? In flesh and spirit they are His. And why one you ask?"
"Because He was seeking Godly offspring." Malachi 2:15

To all the Dad's out there.... 
Here's hoping you had a wonderful day as well and are blessed enough to feel the love and joys of your family!

Chat later,


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