Monday, June 27, 2011

The Jenessica Sets Sail!

Remember last weeks post when I unveiled that Loren had the best Father's Day ever and got a boat?!
Well, the Jenessica (Jen & Jessica - both boys wives) finally set sail and took to the open water this weekend!

Friday night the Appleberry's and the Petersen's met down by the lake to take that baby for a ride!
And here he is, Mr. Appleberry... about to pee his pants with excitement as we head out to the lake! :)

 Once we got to the lake, we backed up, dropped the Jenessica in....

 ... and the boys were off!

The babes stayed on shore tryin' on their new life jackets!
And let me just say.... they were so excited!
Greta was strikin' quite the pose!

Tuck was a little grumpy that his Daddy and Uncle B took the boat out first... with out him!
But it was for his own good! The boys wanted to make sure it wouldn't take on any water and there was no problems with the motor.

And sure enough, all was well, and Daddy was back ready to take the babes on their first ever boat ride!!!
(do you see this smile?! Haha... ear to ear I tell ya'!)

At this very moment I was questioning if it was a good idea to let my two precious children on a boat with two men?!
But... they were all too excited for me to blow the whistle and turn back!

So, away they went... with me hollering "Greta... be careful!"
"Tuck... be careful!" "LOREN... be careful!"

 While my two babes were off on the best boat ride of their lives I was able to keep myself distracted by playing and chattin' with this little babe!
She had quite a bit to say that night! :)

Ahhh, and there they were!
Back, lovin' the boat, and already asking if they could go again!

Even though this is a fishin' boat meant mainly for the boys... I think our family and most definitely the babes are gonna benefit from having this boat around all summer!

Nothin' like toolin' around the lake on a Friday night!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Chat later this week,


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