Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greta says...

Over heard this morning from the back seat of the truck as we were headed to grammies house...

Greta: "Mommy I don't like this rain!"

Mommy: "Me neither! I wish it would stop raining so you could go play outside today!"

Greta: "I can't play outside today, there's going to be a thunderstorm."

Tuck: "No geta, a tornado!"

Greta: "Don't worry Tuck I will keep you safe."

Tuck: "I need go in gamma's basement!"

Greta: "Ok Tuck, I will take you in grandma's basement and put a pillow over your head so you stay safe!"

That girl is definitely a sweetheart!
Always acting so big and looking out for her brother!

The age old saying of "they grow up so fast" couldn't be more true!
My little baby girl has grown into a big girl who has such a neat, big, and chatty personality!

How about your babes... say anything funny lately?!

Hope you all are havin' a great week!

Chat later,


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