Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recent Discoveries

1. Many of you know that I am a (newly) avid couponer! Remember this post?!
Well, Loren told me last night that my couponing has gotten out of control! Haha...

 That pantry does not look out of control!
However it does look organized and packed to the gills!

And our bathroom drawers and linen closets are quite full of cheap and FREE products!
 Even the outside freezer....
 ...and back up freezer are quite full....

But I told him... I don't think all of this stuff means I'm out of control... it means YOU need to build me some storage shelves! ;)

2. I am totally burnt out on painting!
Guess that's what happens when you run your tail end off painting and getting crap ready for 2 different stores, hitting it crazy hard for 2 weeks!
I know I said last week that I was gonna go on hiatus and take a break... looks like that feeling has kind of crept into this week too!
Oh well, I am slowly easing back into things by doing 1 or 2 custom order signs this week... and they are turning out stunning if I do say so myself!

3. Oh, you wanna know what is so exciting and makes me keep couponing....
When your savings total MORE than what you spent!

Last night I spent $46.91 at Target
Saved $47.33!!!

When that happens I run laughing to truck as if I just stole something!

4. Tuck LOVES to watch Ellen with me in the mornings!
Obviously his favorite part is the dancing... but he still loves her!

I am looking forward to snuggling up on the couch with him tomorrow morning and gettin' in our Ellen!
Other than that we have some little things planned that the babes and I need to get done for Father's Day!

What about you guys.... have any big plans or cute gift ideas for Father's Day?

Hope you all are having a great week and hopefully we'll chat again before weeks end... unless the lazy bug takes over or I get buried alive in my stock pile of a pantry! lol

Chat later,


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