Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back from MO!

Well, we've been back from Missouri for a week now and my apologies for not saying hello sooner!
You know how it is when you get back from vacation. There are schedules and routines to jump back in to, laundry to be done, work to get back to, a very empty frig to fill, and yes, in our case... sick kids to tend to.
But we had a great time in Missouri and even though the trip is long... I love all the memories we make while we are there and even on the road! - nothin' like making memories while a family of four plus one wiener dog is crammed in a truck eating doughnuts for dinner and watching the movie Despicable Me three times in a row! - see the kind of memories I was talkin' about?!
We went down to Missouri this time to celebrate both of Loren's Grandma's turning 80 years old! It was a great day and a fun little party as we celebrated 80 years of Grandma Goldie & Grandma Vernie!
 And it's not a party without my Loren jumpin' up on stag with his Dad's band to sing a little Johnny Cash! Here are the Grandma's letting go of the 80 balloons that were used to decorate the party. - so cute.It was a great party!
And it just so happened that while we were in town, we got to catch a show with Tracy, Joe, and the girls! But not just any show... Toy Story 3 on Ice!
Since it was a little family date night, we thought we'd stop and grab a bite to eat of the babes favorite... pizza!

After pizza we headed on to the show...

The show was great... the kids... not so much! Now that it's been awhile I'm over it and ready to talk about it! lol
Needless to say the kids were nothin' short of terrible. But oh well, that is life. They did enjoy some parts of the show but I think they might have been to young to sit still for that long. - at least we've learned our lesson and we can try it again soon when they are a little older!
All in all, Missouri is always a great trip!
We get to spend time with family, live off cherry limeade (see my last post!), and most importantly... we get to make memories. Good, bad, cranky, whatever! Memories are memories! :)

Hope you all had a great week last week!
Now that we are home we are workin' on some cute last minute things for our delivery to the Basement! And it's warmer out so I've been doin' a little spray paintin' - yey!

Chat later,

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