Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Update!

This past weekend was just one of the those wonderful weekends that was so enjoyable!
I am sure it was partly because this was one of the few Saturdays I didn't have to work... but still... our weekend was full of fun events and great family time!

It all started Thursday when my friend James and I took the babes to the Mall of America.
She had promised them an experience at Build a Bear for Christmas and we finally made some free time to make that happen!
The babes got to pick out their own bear and dress them in their own outfit! It was so fun! - and oh gosh, you should see the bear Greta picked out!!! lol - actually I think I might have to do a small post in tribute to Greta's bear! ... I'll work on that this week possibly!

After our fun time at build a bear we grabbed some lunch, hit the Disney Store (Tuck almost ran into a wall while walking past Victoria Secret! lol), went on a couple rides, and snapped a quick picture with the ever popular... Easter Bunny!

You can tell by their faces... the babes loved him and wanted to spend the rest of the day with him!

Friday night we got together with Jes, B, Paisley, & my sister Jojo to hang out and play thee funniest game ever... Redneck Life!

If you haven't played it... it's a must!

Saturday was a very early and productive day!
We spent the whole morning and early afternoon outside raking, doing yard work, and mainly.... setting up our new trampoline!
We have had this baby since Christmas! It was a black Friday special that my dad had bought for both babes for their birthdays and Saturday we finally took the time to set it up! - about 4 flippin' hours to be exact!
But it was soooo worth it!
The babes absolutely LOVE it!

We even invited over the Kell's to come and give it a try!

Nothing like chinese food, trampoline play time, and your BFF's to make a great Saturday night!
Definitely livin' the dream!

Then onto our last, wonderful day of the weekend... Sunday! - which is usually my favorite day of the week!
We got to spend the morning at church and then head over to Mom's for a Birthday party for Papa Wayne!

A little pizza, brownies, and gifts! Sounds like my kind of party!
The babes loved giving Papa their hand made cards and I loved spending that time with my family!

And on top of all of that... we were lucky enough to be able to dog sit one of our favorite puppies...
Ms. Lucy Smethurst!

This girl is the sweetest baby you will ever meet!
She is so wonderful and so snuggly!
Every time we dog sit her I find myself very sad when she leaves.

All in all... it was a fantastic weekend!
Hope you all can say the same about yours!

Chat later,


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