Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants!

In a post I did earlier this week I made reference of our trip to Build A Bear and the bear Ms. Greta designed.
... and boy is this bear unique!!!

If you are familiar with build a bear then you know that when you first walk in you get your choice of about 20 different bears.
And actually there are not just bears!
You can choose from dogs, cats, bunnies, and just about any kind or color of bear you can imagine!

As we started to look it was clear that Greta has quite the eye for style and flair!
She immediately was drawn to any and all bears/animals that were in color! - I mean who wants a super cute boring brown or tan old fashion looking bear?!
But even the blue bear, purple sparkly bear, and the pink bunny with daisies didn't hold a candle to the bear that she saw way down at the end of the line.

That's right... this bear... Greta's bear... couldn't just be a solid color, she wanted thee most colorful bear in the store!
And that is when we landed on this baby...

The ultra colorful blue peace sign bear!!!

Like a good mother I reminded Greta of her others options... but in Greta fashion she wanted nothing to do with those other bears. She had made up her mind! This colorful bear had grabbed her attention and that was that.

After we picked out the bear then it was time to dress her!

I thought this was going to be fun!
Even if I couldn't persuade Greta into getting a cute, old fashion, looking teddy bear I was sure we could find an outfit that would make this colorful bear work!

I of course had my eye on a gorgeous solid pink dress that would compliment and calm down all the colors on Greta's bear... but Greta had different plans!
She had her eye on this gorgeous yellow dress!

And I guess, how could you not want to pair your blue peace sign bear with a yellow Beauty and the Beast dress?! hahaha.

After lots of laughs, a couple of "oh my" moments, multiple options shown and even a Buzz Lightyear outfit in the running... this was the bear and outfit we had landed on.

And you know what... Greta absolutely ADORES this bear!

While we were in the store I found myself saying... "What am I thinking?!"
"Who am I to tell my little girl what bear she can and can not choose!"

Just because I don't think the colorful and tacky peace sign bear goes with the Beauty and the Beast dress doesn't mean Greta didn't like it!
And after all... it was her day... her bear... and her choice!

She obviously saw something that I did not.
And that is when this thought kicked in...
"The heart wants what the heart wants" - right?!

And honestly, I can't help but laugh and smile every time I see this bear around our house!
This bear represents Greta to a T!
My Greta would not be Greta if she didn't pick out a bear that looked just like this!

So let this be a lesson to me;

Let your daughter be her own person. A person who follows her heart and likes what she wants to like!
As long as it is not hurting should not hurt me. Greta is going to make choices that I don't agree with, but as long as she follows her heart and does what makes her happy everything else I have taught her should fall into place!

"The heart wants what the heart wants!"

I guess that saying rings true in so many aspects of life!

How about your babes... have they made any choices that have left you shaking your head and laughing?!
Chat later,


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