Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kitchen Shelves!

Ok, so I only have a minute!
The babes are finally napping and I still have to make dinner and take a shower!
- it's 3:00 in the afternoon you say?! I know... shut it!
Any mother out there knows what I am talking about! Getting in a shower is hard when you are home with the babes and your hubby left early early for work!

Enough rambling... I have a post to share!
Or should I say.... New Kitchen Shelves to share!!!

Now to all of you that were at Tuck's Party you got to see the new shelves first hand... or maybe you didn't?! Maybe you just didn't notice them!
Any hoo... to you who have not been to my house yet... or don't plan on stopping by any time soon... here are my new kitchen shelves in all their barn lumber glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a peak...
Just look at how gorgeous they are!!!
And really they were fairly easy to make! - well I didn't make them, Loren did. But I know he said they weren't too hard at all!
All he did was take pieces of barn lumber... good ole' Butler, Missouri barn lumber and nail them to that bottom cream board (the board you can hardly see) then he just drilled that board into the wall and painted it the exact same color as our bead board wall!
I have wanted this project done for just about a year now and we finally decided on what we liked, what we wanted, and what he had laying around! And the answer was this and all that barn lumber and scrap wood was just hanging out in the garage waiting to be put to good use!
And by painting that bottom board, the one that is flat against the wall, it looks like the shelves are floating! Which is what I wanted all along!
Once they were up I just started filling them with half practical things and half pretty things! :)
Numbers are pretty popular right now and this clearance plate from Target is one of my favs!
Also, those white ramekins get used multiple times a day! Great for dipping sauce or applesauce for the babes!
And that mason jar full of a cinnamon and sugar blend... a must have if your children devour toast like mine!
I have also been trying to lighten things up around our house!
Must be because spring is desperately knocking at our door and I thought if the weather isn't feeling warm and light then at least the dark colors could leave my house and I could soften things up with a bit more white/cream!
Now when I walk into our kitchen or stand at the stove making dinner I have something absolutely lovely to look at!
This is one of those projects that just makes me smile!

Do you have any recent projects that have you jumping for joy?!
Remember projects don't have to be big to make a big impact! Do something for yourself and your home that makes you smile!

Now speaking of making dinner... I better get a shower and get on that!

Chat later,


Oh and P.S. - if you do decided to tackle a project like this... always feel free to ask any and all kinds of questions if need be!
I want my projects to inspire projects of your own! :)

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