Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday a good friend and extended family member of ours... lost his Dad.

When you hear news like that your mind starts to spiral out of control with how, when, and for me... what if's?!
You start to think of the families involved.... the wife, the children, and the grandchildren. The memories that they made with that person and more sadly... the memories they will never get to make.... and all because a life was cut short.

But more than anything when you hear news like this... your heart just breaks and makes you ask the question... "What if this had happened to me?" "What if it was my family going through this tragedy?"

I have never been good with death... nor have I had to face it that often.... and for that I am thankful! But again... my heart just feels so heavy for the Smethurst family today.

So hear I sit not knowing what to say but wanting to let that family know how truly, truly sorry we are for their loss.
The loss of a father and best friend can not be easy. I can't even begin to imagine what that feels like.

Mainly I just want to lift that family up in prayer today in hopes that God will give them the peace to walk through this, the comfort to cling to Him when they think they can't go on another day with this hurt, and the strength to know that each day will get better.

I am humbly reminded how thankful I am for each and every day I spend with my parents, my family, my husband, and my children.

With deepest sympathies to the Smethurst family.


"God gives, God takes. God's name be ever blessed."
Job 1:21

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