Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creativity... a 10!

Ladies, ladies... let me tell you... I am one lucky gal!

My Loren is probably the most perfect hubby there ever was!
Yes he makes messes and doesn't clean them up, loses his temper at times, and can lack a fire under his butt.... but all in all he is just a peach! - (literally, I got a word from a pastor once that really didn't know me and had never even met Loren, she really did say he was "a peach!")

Anyways, when it comes to things that matter he is top notch and really knows how to treat a lady! And when it comes to the little things... well, he is gettin' better!

Just check this out!

When I rolled out of bed this morning... this is what I saw on the wall next to my bed side table!

A collage of my favorite men with the cutest notes that read...

"I bet you never thought you'd wake up next to one of these hunks!" - "Not one of us compares to you"

Hahaha! How stinkin' cute and not to mention.... creative!
After being in each others lives for 9 years, married for almost 5, 2 kids and 1 dog later... you really have to be creative with fun new ways to remind each other of your love!

And my honey did a super great job of it this morning!

Thanks Babe!
You're the best!

I can only hope when Greta grows up she marries someone just like her Daddy!
And when Tuck gets bigger I hope he knows what steps to follow in!

Hope you all are havin' a good week! - Now go do something creative to remind your loved one's just how much you really care about them!

Chat later,


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