Wednesday, February 9, 2011

She's Got This!

This day has been a long time in the making and I just want to shout it from the roof tops.....

Woo hoo!!!

I can't believe it actually and finally happened!

Way back in February of last year... 2010, Greta had just turned two and so we thought it would be a good idea to just get her familiar with the potty chair to see how she would do.

It started out like this...

She sat on the potty but had no interest what so ever!
They say (and who "they" are I have no clue) that around two your child should be potty trained. So I was confused and nervous that G wasn't gettin' it.

She went through the spring and summer not caring about the potty at all and truthfully not wanting anything to do with it!

But then came fall... October to be exact... Greta was more curious about sitting on the potty. Well one day her sitting turned in to pushing out a teeny tiny little bit of pee! We were so excited that this was the first time she had officially peed on the potty!
I had a present on hand waiting for that moment and so of course we made a big deal of it!

Here she is that very day, just shy of turning three, very excited she actually peed on the potty!

But needless to say... after that day, she reverted right back to not wanting anything to do with the potty! She actually after that point almost became afraid of the potty and didn't even want to sit on it!

With multiple jobs, another babe, a life, and a house to tend to... I decide not to push her in fear that I would scare her! I just hoped and prayed that one day she would get it! So for the time being I left it alone.

Now that brings us up to speed to about three weeks ago!

We decided it was finally time for us to start gently nudging Greta in the direction of the potty! Her Auntie (which is also our nanny) had just had a baby and left for maternity leave and I was bound and determined that Jes would only have to be changing 2 butts when she came back to work... not 3!

So with that being said we set out on potty training - for real this time!

Three weeks ago - week one - is when we put her in her underpants on my days home and just let her wonder around the house. I was asking her constantly as a reminder if she had to go potty. There were multiple accidents, some tears shed, and multiple diapers still being worn. But in the midst of all that there was some success. So we took it with a grain of salt and kept moving forward!

Two weeks ago - week two - this is when Greta started to realize we were not giving up this time and that using the potty was going to become her new reality.
So, like any 3 year old (that is like her Mommy).... Greta threw a fit and revolted! That week there were a lot of tears, a lot of fits, and a lot of diapers! It was as if we had taken ANOTHER step back! I didn't get it and was so frustrated! I thought about giving up... but my calm hubby reminded me that that was not an option this time! We just needed to take a step back and start the new week with a fresh out look and a fresh hope!

As of this week - week three - that mind set totally worked! It's like I have a brand new little girl! It's like it finally just clicked!!! Greta totally gets it!
She pees in the potty ALL OF THE TIME! And not to be super graphic... but poops too!
You don't have to remind her or coax her at all! She will just walk up to me and say...
"Mommy, I have to go potty."

Wow! What a total change a week makes!
She is all of a sudden so big and grown up looking to me....

... and not to mention the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on!

All Greta needed was time!
She needed to learn to use the potty when she was ready.
She didn't do it when "they" said she would... she did it when she said she would.

It was actually a very valuable parenting lesson I will have to remember and take forward with me.

The one thing I've learned about my daughter... is she is not one to follow any one's time line but her own! And that is ok with me. That is what makes Greta... Greta!

So, Ms. Greta Janel Appleberry...
Welcome to the diaper free world of big girls!!!
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and this milestone in your life! I know we will share many more with you... but for right now... this is huge and we are just so excited this day has finally come!
We love you and think you are beyond wonderful!

What a great success this has been to our household!

I am so very thankful there is only ONE butt to change in the Appleberry house!

Hope you're having a great week.

Chat later,


Oh, and P.S. - like the new look to the blog?!
I wanted to sass things up a bit with a little red for Valentine's Day!
And I even got some fun new buttons... on the right side over there. --->


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