Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I can hardly believe it... but today I am twenty eight years old!

How can this be?! How has time gone by so fast?!

It wasn't that long ago I remember singing "Jesus Loves Me" for my 5th grade talent show, or watching my Mom bring home my brand new baby brother Jacob, or having sleepovers with my best friend Adriann, or getting my license and driving the Corsica with no muffler, or spraying my hair red and cheering C A R - D I N - A L S! at our High School Football games, or chatting on the internet with some stranger, or driving 437 miles to meet him, or welcoming not one but two beautiful babies into this world!!!

My goodness how time flies!
Because, if I close my eyes and think back hard enough, I can vividly remember all of these wonderful moments in my life and feel like they just happened yesterday!
Time is strange like that I guess. Some things feel like they happened just yesterday but in the same sense feels like its been your whole life!

Take meeting my hubby for example! It feels like not very long ago that we just met! But can you believe I was 19 when I met him. That was 9 years ago! But on the other hand, I feel like I have known Loren my whole life! Or maybe it's just that life never really started or had this kind of meaning till I met him!

Who knows how time works or how it flies... all I know is time is a funny thing!

I have always said I think birthday's are a big deal! It is the one day out of the whole entire year that the world (or your world of friends and family) get to celebrate you! It's a day that you get to honor, cherish, and enjoy... because it is all yours! - a day for just you!

And so there it is... 28 years ago today at 3:03 pm my wonderful Momma brought me into the world. And just look at how that one life she created has changed and impacted so many things!
I'm not tootin' my own horn here because it is the same for every single one of you!
Look at the life you lead, the lives you have changed, the children you have bore, the relationships you have formed... that's your life... that's called your legacy!

I remember back in the days of JCP... Pastor Nate often asked us... "What kind of legacy are you leaving?!" And that question has always stuck with me.

And I hope after 28 years I have started to pave the way to leaving a great legacy for myself and my family. A legacy full of love, kindness, prayer, loyalty, blessings, home cookin' and big hair!!!
I'm still young (well kind of!) so I am super excited to see where life and my legacy leads me!

So I guess... if it's not too self indulgent...
Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!

I said today was going to be a great day and so far... it sure has!
I'd like to give a special shout out to my hubby who has made it a very special day so far! He knows how to make a birthday girl feel special... and for that I am greatful and so very blessed!

Here's to an amazing next year of life! May 28 be one of my best years yet!!!

Chat later,

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