Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greta says...

I recently got a t-shirt from my friend Jamie that looks similar to this...

for my birthday!

I love the shirt! I think it is so fun!

Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies... so I wear the shirt proudly!

Well, when I was wearing it the other night Greta says to me....

G: "Mommy what is that on your shirt"

Mommy: "It's a shirt about a movie!"

G: "What movie?"

Mommy: "My favorite movie.... Dirty Dancing!"

G: "I like dancing!"

Mommy: "I know you do... and you're a very good dancer!"

G: "I want to go dirty dancing with Jack!"

Mommy: "OH really?!"

G: "Yes, and you should go dirty dancing with Daddy!"

Some of the conversations I have with this girl just about cracks me up!

She is so funny and so witty and says the most completely innocent things at the most uncanny times!
Having conversations with my little G makes me realize what a grown up she is becoming!

Pretty sure this girl will be one of my best friends when she grows up!

I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, funnier, little version of me!

I know we'll butt heads, because we already do, but boy do I love those innocently funny conversations with my baby girl! :)

Well, here's to a great movie and a little dancing... dirty or not!

How about your babes? Said anything crazy funny lately?!

Chat later,


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