Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Before & After and Some Sneak Peaks!

As many of you know, I am a vendor for a shop called Louise's Basement.
Every month we get all of our "goodies" or finds together and head on up there for our monthly occasional sale.

But as of last month we decided to become a part of a one night "Girls Night Out" at Emmanual Christian Center!

We thought it would be a great way to sell some stuff we had been making along with get our name out there! - a double bonus!

So.... with TWO events coming up in the month of March... me and Mr. Appleberry have had our hands full! We are excited to take on both opportunities but I will have to admit I was a tad nervous as to how much I could actually get done and pump out! ... every vendors worry I am sure.

Needless to say.... we have been up to our elbows in PAINT! So much so, that if I never had to paint another "anything" again... I would not cry one bit!

But with that being said... this is our side gig... this is our dream.... this will one day be our baby! So we have went for it! We have pulled some 1:00 am nights, and now I hope as these events draw to a close in the next week or two that we will actually have enough stuff to pull out a success!

I guess since I have been talking about all this stuff you probably want to see some of it, right?!

Well, I wanted to stage everything and take some glorious pictures before I posted... but honestly... that's a no go! I still have a ton of finishing touches and things to wrap up before that will be done. And I am sure I will be wrapping these projects up at midnight the night before each sale! HA! That is so our life!

Anyways... so all though not really any of these projects are 100% finished... I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what we've been doing and what you will be able to find and purchase at any of the 2 sales Appleberry's Attic will be apart of this month!

As promised: Here's my Before & After....

Before: (just a plain old wood chair I snagged at the Goodwill!)

and After: ("shabbied up" with a new coat of blue paint! Ca-ute!)
Which reminds me! I wanted to share with you my new favorite spray paint!

This girl....

I am in LOVE with this paint and think it is thee most charming blue! Hands down my new fav! And just the right color for spring! Yey!

And as mentioned... here is a taste or a little sneak peak of what we've been working on.
But remember, no judging! Nothing is officially tagged and done. But none the less, we have a good handle on these pieces and they are already looking oh-so-cute!

This looooong 9 drawer dresser (or could be used as a buffet!) started out like this...

But after 2 coats of Country White she is really starting to look wonderful! This afternoon she will be getting roughed up and wiped down with some Ralph Lauren Tobacco Glaze! You should see some of the details on the drawers.... gorgeous!
This coffee table and dresser are just about done! - Love the big square table and chunky legs!
And these are the the nice greyish blue drawers to another 6 drawer dresser I am whippin' out! This is my first all blue piece for the sale up at the Basement and I am so excited! This blue is so yummy and just screams spring if you ask me!
And of course I have whipped out a couple more signs! This Welcome tin is even better lookin' in person!

And that's about it girls!

See... I really have been up to my elbows with painting!
If you want to see the finished products or even get your hands on one of these items for your home... you'll just have to come on out and see us at the ECC "Girls Night Out" or head on up to Louise's Basement! That sales starts next Thursday, March 10th and runs till Sunday!

Chat later.... I gotta get more signs done!


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