Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Craft

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought it was only right that I do a post with a little Valentine Craft!
And you guys are gonna love this one! It's cheap and it's easy... only the 2 greatest things, right?!

To be honest with you... I don't even decorate for this holiday. I think maybe I would like to someday. But definitely not a big corny display of Valentine's crap, but more of a tasteful display... like a little touch here, or a little heart there! You know just a tad of pink and red!

So anyways, here is my take on just a little touch of Valentine love...

Really no instructions required! Just an inexpensive black frame...

...with some scrapbook paper mod podged onto the top of the glass and then some scrabble letters hot glued to the top of the paper!

I even made a second one with a little different take on it.

They actually turned out quite cute for such a simple idea! I did putts around with some different scrapbook paper for a little while but landed on this simple black and cream look!

(click on this picture so you can see them a little bigger - when the photo is enlarged they look better.)

The nice thing about these is that "technically" they don't have to be for Valentine's Day. They would look cute out all year round! I'm thinkin' our library table in the Master Bedroom might look good with one of these babies!

But regardless, I was feelin' the love and wanted to throw out a cute little idea for Valentine's Day.

So there ya' have it! Grab yourselves a cheap black frame (or any frame you have & paint it whatever color), some cute scrapbook paper of your choice, and dig around for some scrabble tiles! I realize you all may not have a stash of them like me... but you could easily use any of those cute sticker letters down the scrapbook aisle.... and that's it!

Let me know if you come up with a fun rendition of this for your own house... I'd love to see any of them!

Hope you all are having a decent Monday and gettin' back into the groove of the week!

Chat later,


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  1. Absolutely adorable, Jen! I think I might try out something like this. :o)


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